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Hello, Everyone. Welcome to my first newsletter!

It has been a busy spring and as we move into summer I wanted to share with you all the wonderful things that have been going on in my life.

Many of you attended the April show at the Lowe gallery and I am happy to report that this show got a pick of the week in the L.A. weekly and Peter Frank wrote a  favorable review which I've attached at the bottom of the page. If you missed the opening you can see the fabulous photos taken by my friend Andre at my website: Andre is available for portrait and event photography, see

At the beginning of  May
I went to Esalen for a five day painting workshop led by Stuart Cobley, author of the book ‘Life Paint and Passion “(which I highly recommend) about  the creative process.    There was a whole posse of artists and friends of mine that went from L.A -  among them Doug, Outi, Joey, and Barbara.  I had an amazing time doing hours of free form painting each day ( the only rule was there no commenting on anyone’s work the whole time)  eating divine organic home cooked meals and hanging out in the hot tubs situated on a cliff over looking the pacific ocean. I loved every minute of it and came back inspired  and rejunvenated.

Then over Memorial Day weekend, I went to a contact improvisation festival/jam In Moab, Utah.  60 dancers convened from all over the country to improvise and jam in an old converted two story church.  There were lots of workshops as well as spontaneous dancing and  group trips to Arches National Park to hike and see the extraordinary red rock configurations- both highly dramatic and otherworldly.  Not a place I would want to live,  but beautiful to visit. For those of you who don’t know  this…. I have been dancing contact for about 24 years.   Almost as long as I have been painting.  I started In New York City in 1982.  I have been dancing with a group of dancers in Los Angeles, on Sunday nights for the last 16 years.

Another exciting bit of news is that I sold a painting to the Oceana Hotel( on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.) during their recent renovation and face lift.  If you are in Santa Monica and want to take a look it is a large red painting called “Wedding Ceremony”  and it is in the outdoor lobby area by the pool on the ground floor.

Also in May, I rented my house and studio as a location for a national Hardees Commercial.  This is the third commercial that has been shot here in the last year and a half.  They converted my painting studio in to a potters studio,  my living room into a seamstress studio, the driveway into a car wash scene, and the bedroom into a sexy boudoir for a young writer.   The commercial will be airing in the next couple of months.

I am represented by a number of location companies in Los Angeles and just love love love this process….It is just wonderful having so many talented people in my home.

If any of you know a freelance location scout you can send them to the following link: to see photos of my studio and house. You can also take a look yourself.  My friend Robert Mendel took these great pictures!  

In the next few weeks I am going to get up to speed and start a blog where I will be showing , among other things, the development of a few selected paintings and how they progress over the course of a few weeks or months.

If you would like to forward this letter to any friends whom you think would be interested please feel free…..and they are all welcome to join my mailing list..

I will be in Maui for most of July….staying with my friend Hannah in a beautiful house in Haiku, over looking the ocean.  I will be painting, surfing and perfecting my windsurfing jibe and absorbing all the wonderful gifts the island has to offer.

Have a wonderful summer!


L.A. Weekly Pick of the Week – Wednesday May 21, 2008

A confluence of four painters at Bill Lowe Gallery brings together gestural abstraction from New York, North Carolina, Germany and Venice beach. Such notational work — part Pollock, part Klee — derives its energy from the “personalized universality” of handwriting. Gary Komarin choreographs a broad formal language of clots and spots and lines and strokes into remarkably tight and handsome compositions. Some of the same kinds of markings float in Steven Seinberg’s placid, open drawings, in contrast to the misty, drippy fields he conjures on his canvases. Sabine Kloss sets opaque, brightly colored linear formations, some suggesting real-life objects, to dancing on relatively small panels, while more scribbled, angular forms hinting at the figure agitate across Amadea Bailey’s rough surfaces. The work together comprises a forest of signs and lines animated by texture and color. Bill Lowe, 2034 Broadway, Santa Monica; Tues.-Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; thru May 31. (310) 449-0184.
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