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Israel-Palestine News February 25th February - 3rd March
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Purpose: to provide a varied selection of articles from Arabic, Hebrew and English mainstream media outlets so readers get a flavour of what is being read by the general public about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from different perspectives. The aim is to shine a spotlight for readers on the polarised narratives and constant one-sided messaging that appears in the media of each society, and often also in the international media. Solutions Not Sides makes no attempt to reconcile or support any of these narratives, but we believe it is important to understand each side’s perspective and the way that their society presents events if a negotiated solution is to be reached. 

We do not currently have the capacity to provide translations of actual Hebrew and Arabic media, so bear in mind that news agencies that issue articles in those languages may not produce the same content as the English versions of their outlets provided here (e.g. Aljazeera Arabic and Aljazeera English do not simply produce the same content in both languages). The content and opinions of these articles do not reflect our aims or opinions. Our main educational point about media sources on this issue is that they are almost always biased and should never be trusted in isolation. Please BE RESOURCEFUL and research for yourself a diversity of sources for everything you read or hear about Israel-Palestine. 
Arab News Sources
Asharq al-Awsat: Hamas Takes Dozens of Extremists to Military Courts
Hamas affiliated security bodies took dozens of opponents belonging to extremist groups inside Gaza to military courts in an unprecedented step, said reliable sources, knowing that they are civilians and have no ties with Palestinian security bodies whether in Ramallah or Gaza. In the past days, more than 550 were transferred to summary military courts for accusations of launching missiles on Israel or manufacturing them.

Al Jazeera: Gaza report: 'Not about justice for Israel's victims'
The Israeli leadership shows no signs of heeding the lessons of an official report into the 2014 Gaza war that led to massive destruction and loss of life in the tiny coastal enclave, Palestinians warned this week. After a two-year inquiry, the State Comptroller, an official Israeli watchdog, published a report on Tuesday into the 51-day war, which began in July 2014. It was highly critical of Israeli government officials, as well as Israel's military and its intelligence services. In particular, the 200-page document faulted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for failing to address the mounting humanitarian crisis in Gaza - conditions that made hostilities ever more likely, according to the report.

Al Jazeera: Abbas - Defend two-state solution for a Palestine state
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has called on the international community to defend the two-state solution in an address at the opening of the 34th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Abbas told member states on Monday  that Israel was moving towards an "apartheid solution" in Palestine in light of a new Israeli law passed earlier this month that legalised dozens of Jewish-only settlement outposts built on private Palestinian land. He also cautioned states against moving their embassies in Israel to Jerusalem, in a warning seen as a direct response to promises made by US President Donald Trump during his campaign for the White House in which he threatened to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the divided holy city.

Hebrew News Sources
Times of Israel: Clearing out protesters and residents, police near end of Ofra home evictions

Police began evacuating settlers and hundreds of protesters who gathered in nine buildings in the West Bank settlement of Ofra Tuesday, ahead of a court-ordered demolition of the houses found built without permits on private Palestinian land, according to a court ruling. Palestinians whose land is expropriated under the law are eligible to receive either financial compensation or alternative plots elsewhere. However, the judges ruled unanimously on Monday that the demolition of the buildings must go ahead.

Jerusalem Post: Peace proposals offered by activists on Right and Left
Experts and ideologues from the right, left and center convened in Jerusalem on Monday to present potential peace proposals at a TED-style forum, sponsored by The Israel Project (TIP). The two-hour lecture series featuring speakers from across the political spectrum was held at the Malha Technological Park Auditorium to “showcase the rich variety of initiatives,” according to TIP.

Haaretz: 11 Key Headlines from Scathing Report Rattling Israel's Politicians and Military
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, then-Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and the members of the inner security cabinet did not consider taking diplomatic action regarding Gaza in an effort to halt the escalation in the year before the 2014 war with Hamas and its allies in the Gaza Strip broke out, State Comptroller Joseph Shapira wrote in the report released Tuesday on the war. On three separate occasions in the report, Shapira quotes statements made by Ya'alon two days after the outbreak of the war, saying that it's possible that it could have been avoided if Israel had addressed the distress in the strip at the in time.

Reuters: Israeli aircraft attack Hamas targets after rocket fired from Gaza
Israeli aircraft carried out a series of strikes in Gaza on Monday, wounding at least four people, witnesses said, after a rocket fired from the Palestinian territory hit an empty area in southern Israel. The Israeli military said its planes attacked five positions belonging to Hamas, the Islamist group that runs the Gaza Strip, in response to the rocket strike. Witnesses said the four wounded were bystanders.

Forward: Bernie Sanders Electrifies J Street With Emotional Message On Israel — And Trump
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, speaking with affection of his life in Israel decades ago, told a rapturous J Street conference that one could sharply criticize the Israeli government’s policies and be pro-Israel. "But as you all know, there was another side to the story of Israel’s creation, a more painful side,” he said. “Like our own country, the founding of Israel involved the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people already living there, the Palestinian people. Over 700,000 people were made refugees. To acknowledge this painful historical fact does not ‘delegitimize’ Israel, any more than acknowledging the Trail of Tears delegitimizes the United States of America.”

Mondoweiss: Sports and the Palestinian BDS struggle - Palestine v. Israel at FIFA
In December 2016, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) adopted resolution 2334, reaffirming the long-standing UN position that Israeli settlement building constitutes a flagrant violation of international law. The resolution led to renewed pressure on FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), the governing body of world soccer, to take action over the presence of Israeli soccer clubs in illegal settlements within Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory, which constitutes a blatant violation of both FIFA rules and international law
Sports and the Palestinian BDS struggle: Palestine v. Israel at FIFA - See more at:
Sports and the Palestinian BDS struggle: Palestine v. Israel at FIFA - See more at:
 "I have been a supporter of Israel all my life and a public campaigner against any form of anti-Semitism," he said in a Facebook post.

The Jerusalem Post: The future of Palestinian diplomacy in the Trump era
The developments during the early months of 2017 show that the Palestinian Authority continues to prefer to express its opposition to Israeli policy through diplomatic means, including attempts to promote stronger international pressure on Israel. PA President Mahmoud Abbas espouses the diplomatic struggle and the recruiting of international support for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the basis of the 1967 lines. His consistent stance is that institutionalized violent struggle harms Palestinian interests.

Amnesty International: Israel: Detention of Palestinian journalist on hunger strike without charge ‘unjust and cruel’
The Israeli authorities’ administrative detention of Muhammed al-Qiq, a Palestinian journalist is unjust and cruel, said Amnesty International after a military judge approved an order confirming his detention for three months, which can be renewed indefinitely. Muhammed al-Qiq, who was placed in solitary confinement following his arrest, has been on hunger strike since 6 February in protest at his detention. According to his lawyer his health has deteriorated in recent weeks and he is in need of specialized medical care. Israel uses administrative detention to jail Palestinians indefinitely without charge or trial based on secret evidence.

+972 Magazine: Losing the will to fight Israel Apartheid Week
I’ve been dreading Israel Apartheid Week since I arrived at university in London – a supposed hot-spot for Israel-Palestine tension on campuses. My understanding of what happens each year during Apartheid Week has always been a scene of hate-fueled anti-Israel, pro-BDS, “free Palestine”-chanting protesters, often facing off with equally hate-fueled anti-Palestine, pro-Israel, “Hatikvah” singing counter-protesters. As a Jew and an anti-occupation Zionist, as someone who sympathizes with some elements of both of these protest groups while being repulsed by others, and as someone who wishes for nothing more than to see a Palestinian state standing peacefully beside the State of Israel, this puts me somewhere bang in the middle.

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