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Israel-Palestine News 20th - 26th May
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Purpose: to provide a varied selection of articles from Arabic, Hebrew and English mainstream media outlets so readers get a flavour of what is being read by the general public about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from different perspectives. The aim is to shine a spotlight for readers on the polarised narratives and constant one-sided messaging that appears in the media of each society, and often also in the international media. Solutions Not Sides makes no attempt to reconcile or support any of these narratives, but we believe it is important to understand each side’s perspective and the way that their society presents events if a negotiated solution is to be reached. 

We do not currently have the capacity to provide translations of actual Hebrew and Arabic media, so bear in mind that news agencies that issue articles in those languages may not produce the same content as the English versions of their outlets provided here (e.g. Aljazeera Arabic and Aljazeera English do not simply produce the same content in both languages). The content and opinions of these articles do not reflect our aims or opinions. Our main educational point about media sources on this issue is that they are almost always biased and should never be trusted in isolation. Please BE RESOURCEFUL and research for yourself a diversity of sources for everything you read or hear about Israel-Palestine. 

Hebrew News Sources:
Arutz Sheva: Netanyahu thanks Czech parliament for Jerusalem resolution.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu thanked the Czech parliament for the resolution of its lower chamber, the Czech Chamber of Deputies, calling for the Czech government to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The resolution also called for sanctions against UNESCO until it ends its anti-Israel bias. The latest of several similar resolutions, UNESCO voted to deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem. Netanyahu made the remarks at an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem at Ammunition Hill Wednesday night. 
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Times of Israel: Trump envoy expected back in Israel as US seeks to ‘move fast’ on peace.
US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner told opposition leader Isaac Herzog Tuesday that Washington intended to move fast to advance a renewal of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, a spokesman for Herzog said, with Trump’s envoy Jason Greenblatt reportedly set to return next week so as not to leave a “diplomatic vacuum.”Kushner, who along with international negotiations envoy Greenblatt has been tasked by Trump with relaunching the peace process, reportedly told Herzog: “We are planning to move fast in starting a diplomatic process in order to reach a deal.”
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J Post: Jewish Businesses Show Solidarity with Arab Shops Closed by Jerusalem Day.
Three Jewish businesses in west Jerusalem closed and around 30 owners signed a petition in solidarity with their Arab colleagues, who were forced to close shop on Wednesday for the annual Jerusalem Day March. “This [closing] is my way to express my solidarity with the businesses in the Old City,” said Noam Frankforter, the owner of Hamarakia, a café frequented by artists and college students. “I think it could have an influence. The police, instead of protecting the Palestinian business owners, who are exposed to violence toward them and their property, are forced to close.
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Arab News Sources:
Al Jazeera: Why Jerusalem is not the Capital of Israel.
On this day, Israel is celebrating what it calls "Jerusalem Day", when it occupied East Jerusalem at the end of the 1967 war with Syria, Egypt and Jordan. The annual celebration is a day when right-wing, mostly young Israelis rampage around East Jerusalem's Old City, carrying Israeli flags and shouting anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racist slogans.  Israel - which captured the western half of Jerusalem in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war - frames the day as the "reunification" of the east and west of its capital. Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem effectively put the entire city under de-facto Israeli control. The state's jurisdiction and ownership of Jerusalem, however, is not recognised by the international community, including the United States. 
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Palestine News Network: Donald Trump Meets with Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem. 
On Tuesday morning just before 10 o’clock, President of The United States, Donald Trump and his convoy drove through the city of Bethlehem, passing the Israeli separation barrier, and meets for a short meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the presidential palace. The meeting was followed by a brief press conference after which Trump left Bethlehem to visit the Israel Museum and Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem. At the press conference Trump said “… the US is here to make that (dream of peace) possible for young Jewish, Muslim and Christian children,” and added that “Abbas assures me he is ready to work toward that goal in good faith, and (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu has promised the same.
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Ma'an News Agency: Israeli forces fire tear gas at demonstration in solidarity with prisoner hunger strike.
Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian youth in the central occupied West Bank on Wednesday afternoon during a march in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners held by Israel, who have been forgoing food for 38 days.Witnesses told Ma’an that the demonstrators had released balloons with photographs of prisoners during the march. They added that Israeli troops fired tear gas at the Palestinian youths when they approached the illegal Israeli separation barrier near the illegal settlement of Ariel in the Salfit district, with some of the protesters then throwing stones at the soldiers.
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International Special - Trump's visit to Israel-Palestine:
The Guardian: Trump Declares Rare Opportunity for Peace. 
Donald Trump has said he has “a rare opportunity to bring security and stability and peace” to the Middle East after arriving in Israel on the second leg of his first foreign tour as US president. Trump was greeted on the tarmac at Ben Gurion airport by the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the president, Reuven Rivlin. In joint statements on the tarmac, Trump and Netanyahu referred to hopes of a wider peace deal in the region, comments that were heavy on rhetoric but light on details of how that could be achieved.
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The Atlantic: Could Trump Be Palestinians' Best Hope?
Recent events have left Palestinians in an odd position: The absence of a clear strategy by a U.S. administration to resolve the conflict with Israel may have become the best bet for statehood they’ve had in years. This, at least, seems to be the thinking of Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority (PA), who met with U.S. President Donald Trump in the West Bank city of Bethlehem today. Only a few months ago, Palestinians feared being isolated by Trump, who had surrounded himself with pro-Israel advisers closely linked to the settlement enterprise [...] But today, those concerns have given way to hope that the business tycoon many Palestinians regard as a diplomatic novice will actually deliver where his more experienced predecessors have failed. 
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J Post: Candidly Speaking: After Trump's Visit, The Onus Is On Us.
Overall, US President Donald Trump has delivered. He will not have satisfied the delusional aspirations of Israel’s radical Right but, despite some missteps before he arrived, highlighted by hostile and misleading press reports, the Trump visit was favourable for Israel and outlined parameters of what can be achieved with the Palestinians. It was disappointing that he postponed transferring the US Embassy to Jerusalem but there is still hope that this will happen during his presidency. We appreciate that he is the first sitting American president to visit Jerusalem’s Old City and the Western Wall. We would have preferred him to be more explicit about the extent of terrorism in Israel in his address to the Muslim world. But he more than compensated in his extraordinarily warm address at the Israel Museum.
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Ahraq Al-awsat: Life Behind Israel's Checkpoints.
Every conflict has its heroes. In Palestine they’re the taxi drivers. After living for half a century under occupation, I can no longer endure the anxiety of what might appear on the road, whether it is angry drivers bottlenecked at the hundreds of barriers scattered through the West Bank or the pathetic boys who throw themselves at your car pretending to clean the windshield, asking for money. The plight of these boys invariably makes me hate myself, forcing me to confront the extent to which my society has failed. Then, of course, there is the indignity of having to wait on the whim of an Israeli teenage soldier to motion me to pass. But perhaps the main reason I stopped driving out of Ramallah is that the roads Israel built to link the Jewish settlements with Israel have replaced the familiar old roads, making the whole network so confusing that I often get lost. And this is the greatest indignity of all, getting lost in your own country. This is why I began asking Hani to drive me in his taxi. 
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Ynet News: The Two-state Tango is Over.
Israel has done everything that it can to promote a second Arab Palestinian state, except self-destruct.It signed the Oslo Accords and withdrew from much of Judea and Samaria, all of the major Arab population centers, and all of the Gaza Strip, removing 9,000 Jewish citizens from their homes. It promotes and funds the Palestinian Authority, despite official PA incitement against Israel and Jews, support for terrorism, and collaboration with Hamas. It was not enough, not even to convince Palestinians to continue negotiations, or stop incitement. And, as PA leaders have made clear, it will never be enough until Israel agrees to all of its conditions.
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