New Media Samples

We are very pleased to announce that soon we'll be adding new media samples to every Icarus Drawing Board we ship. In addition to Caran D'Ache, our customers can look forward to free samples from Prismacolor, Lyra and Legion Paper. These products have all been tested and perform very well with the Icarus Drawing Board.

Using Heat with Oil-based Colored Pencils

When using oil-based colored pencils with the Icarus Drawing Board, make sure to combine them with a wax-based medium. As you can see below, a thick layer of wax-based colored pencil is necessary to make the oil-based one as blendable as its wax counterpart. Click on the image below to view a larger version in Ester's blog.

Best of Show

Ester's artwork "Above and Below" won the Expi Best of Show and Prismacolor Award in Explore This! 6, the Colored Pencil Society of America's online exhibition. This prestigious exhibition will run until January 31, 2011. "Above and Below" was made with colored pencil and oil pastel on the Icarus Drawing Board.

"Above and Below"

Ester's Workshop

If you plan to attend the Colored Pencil Society 18th Annual International Convention, don't forget to sign up for Ester's workshop, “Wax and Heat, A Match Made in Heaven.” For more information on the workshop, click on the image below.


Studio Lessons
If you live in Southern California, or are travelling to this area, you can arrange for a one-hour studio lesson on the Icarus Technique.

The cost is $50.00 per person and includes the use of an Icarus Drawing Board and all related materials. The full amount of the lesson will be credited if you purchase an Icarus Board.

If you own an Icarus Drawing Board the first lesson is free.

For more information, e-mail Ester at

There will be no charge to try Ester's swing.

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