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Winter 2015


Issue 66

Silent Night

A Christmas carol by tutors Emma and Cate

'Silent Night'
Vocals by Emma Sadeghi
Performed by Emma Sadeghi and Cate Calder
Click above to play
Inspired by their trip to teach at a Professional Cue Camp in Switzerland in the summer, tutors Emma Sadeghi and Cate Calder decided to film a Christmas message which also shows how Cued Speech can give access to many languages, not just English. We hope you enjoy their demonstrations of Le Langage Parlé Completé (French) and Ergänzte deutsche Lautsprache (German) alongside British English and British Sign Language.  We are all thrilled that Cate and Emma gave up their own time – and at this very busy time of the year - to create this lovely video.  Thank you.  

Merry Christmas from us all at the Cued Speech Association UK!


Setting the record straight

By Cate Calder

It seems that there can be many misunderstandings for some people about what Cued Speech is and what it can do; this article aims to challenge some of those ‘myths’.
Myth Message
CS is ‘another’ signing system CS is speech made visible
Deaf children need to cue Hearing people cue so that deaf children can see spoken English in a visible form. 
CS ‘isn’t used anymore’ CS is alive and kicking in the UK and in many other countries around the world.
CS is for making deaf children speak CS is about making speech visible TO the deaf child
CS is ‘just a phonics learning tool’ CS enables full access to LANGUAGE that naturally underpins all literacy skills AND it can be used to support specific phonics learning.
Deaf children will always struggle with language/literacy All children, can be fully fluent in language and fully literate
CS isn’t for profoundly deaf children You don’t need to have ANY hearing to benefit from CS
CS isn’t for children with mild or moderate hearing loss CS fully supports any listening the child can do

For more myths and the answers that dispel them, click this link.

CSAUK in Europe

Our Trustee, Jeign Craig helps keep us up-to-date with European deaf education by her membership of HIPEN (the European Network for Professionals working with deaf and hearing impaired people).  Jeign is HIPEN Vice-President representing the UK, she is now retired but still strongly involved in deaf education in Europe, including lecturing about Cued Speech in French university courses, and is a Trustee of the Cued Speech Association UK.  
Paul Simpson is the President of FEAPDA (The European Federation of Associations of Teachers of the Deaf) and the National Executive Officer of BATOD (British Association of Teachers of the Deaf).
Jeign and Paul wrote an article which was first published in the magazine of the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) in November 2015.  
Thank you to BATOD for their permission to reproduce the following article. 


HIPEN welcomes FEAPDA 

"Jeign writes: We were delighted to welcome Paul Simpson to our three-day HIPEN General Meeting which was held at the school for the deaf in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

This school has won European status.

HIPEN has two General Meetings each year and member organisations across Europe take turns to be host. The autumn meeting focuses on European projects – topics, participants and applications. We are proud of many completed and ongoing projects which are funded by Europe. The projects include professional exchanges, student exchanges, sharing our expertise, learning from each other and devising toolkits, guides and assessments to be used by professionals in their work. Project reports and news can be seen on our website:

This valuable network has been in existence for eight years and has members across Europe: east and west and including Scandinavia. Our spring meeting concentrates on agreed topics and hosting centres invite local experts and arrange educational and clinical visits, lectures and workshops."

To read the full article, follow this link.


My Journey in Cued Speech

by Paul-Michael Coldham

Paul-Michael Coldham, a Cued Speech and British Sign Language (BSL) user, has been a Tutor with the Cued Speech Association UK for over 13 years.  He holds numerous qualifications in Cued Speech and BSL, and teaches courses across the UK.  This article documents his experiences learning the complete system to a professional level, and how learning drove him to teach others, so the life-changing effects of Cued Speech could be offered to all who could benefit from it.
"I had been teaching BSL since 1997, working in primary schools with deaf children using BSL and Sign-supported English/Signed-exact English.  I found none of these methods accurately gave English to the children.  

In February of 2002 I attended a ‘deaf’ exhibition– scores of stalls were spread about the building. One stall caught our eye (I was there with my partner Sarah). I had seen the words ‘Cued Speech’ several years before but had no idea what they meant, nor that it had anything to do with deafness.

Anne Worsfold (Executive Director of CSAUK) was manning the stand as we approached. She explained what Cued Speech was, quite briefly, but so precisely that it really intrigued me. In fact, I was so interested that two weeks later I had managed to book a whole week off from work and attended the foundation course in London..."

To read Paul-Michael's full article, click this link.

'See Hear' Deaf Literacy Special

A recap

If you missed the brief window where you could view BBC2's Deaf Literacy Special, from the popular 'See Hear' program, then fear not.  Thanks to the kind folks at the BBC, we have been allowed to post the video on our website.

In it, Cued Speech tutor Cate Calder explains the benefits of Cued Speech, why it works, and provides a fantastic demonstration of its use with Year 7 students.

Visit this link to find out more and to watch Cued Speech in action, as filmed by 'See Hear'.

South West Cuers'
Christmas Get-together

Sunday 6th December

A new social group called 'South West Cued Speech' has been set up by one of our tutors, Emma Sadeghi, to give local families and other Cued Speech users the opportunity to meet one another. The first event was on Sunday 6th December at Wildwood Escot's Christmas Treats Weekend and included transliterated talks on Asian otters, birds of prey and red squirrels, storytelling and crafts in the Anglo-Saxon village, and a visit to Father Christmas! It is hoped that another event will be organised in the spring. If you are interested in joining, please join the Facebook Group 'South West Cued Speech' or email Emma at
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