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Cued Speech River Dart Country Park informal cueing weekend 27th July to 29th July.


We’ve been heads down here at Cued Speech HQ for sometime now prioritising fundraising applications …… but have looked up enough to see that our informal Summer Camp weekend is fast approaching!! 
We have fewer early bookings for campers than we expected, which is no surprise considering the weather but the MET Office long-term weather forecast (never inclined to be over-optimistic) says: ‘there is a fair chance of some improvement as we move towards August’.
We are SURE the weather will be lovely but just in case we’ve got a small marquee to shelter from the rain. 
If you don’t want to camp, come as a day visitor and meet with us to enjoy the wonderful facilities at the Camp. 
The River Dart Country Park is a great venue set in 90 acres, with lakes, parkland and woods with the majestic River Dart flowing through the Park it is the ideal place to stay or visit. Children can run and play on the Pirate Ship lake and Adventure Playgrounds and there is on-site facilities available for everyone.  

They also have a café, bar and restaurant.
Cued Speech sessions will be informal and family-focused.  Bring your camera and have in mind about 20 key words you want to cue and the tutors will build you a personal videoed word bank.
Amongst the experienced cuers available to share their skills will be:
Cate Calder who will be working with those who can cue but would like to build fluency and speed.  She will provide sessions which:
  • add expression to your cues
  • get us all cueing a song
  • show us how to apply cued Speech to phonics.
Anne Worsfold who will be working with the least experienced.  She will be demonstrating how to:
  • cue very simple words – slowly
  • build words into phrases
  • use cued words when you play games with your children. 
Emma Sadeghi (accompanied by her husband Soroosh) has offered whatever help her new(ish) baby Daniel allows, but she tells us ‘unless Daniel undergoes a complete personality change between now and Summer Camp, it looks like I'll be able to do quite a lot - he's the most chilled-out baby I've ever met!’  Catch her for your word-bank films and pick her brains about using Cued Speech in an educational setting, including alongside BSL.  In the last 3 years or so she’s used Cued Speech in a specialist deaf school and in mainstream preschool, late primary and early secondary.
And MORE!  We’ll keep in touch as you book. 
All the cuers are giving their time free of charge and there is no charge for the Cued Speech sessions.  Thank you to everyone. 
If you wish to camp please
1.) book with River Dart by
clicking here AND
2.) book with us to say you will be joining Cued Speech activities
If you wish to attend as a day visitor on Saturday or Sunday and join in Cued Speech activities we need to know ASAP so that we can plan.  Please book with us
The River Dart Country Park opens at 10.00am and we are expecting to start our morning activity at 10.30. 
Anne, Cate, Paul-Michael, Emma and Wendy and other cuers are looking forward to seeing you. 
Note: Entry prices into the River Dart Country Park for day visitors – each day - are as follows:
Anyone over age of 5 = £7.95
Age 3-4 = £3.95
Age 0 -3 = FREE
There is a small discount for family groups.
The facilities are fantastic and we intend to make the most of them. 
Is the cost of staying or coming in as a day visitor a worry?  Don’t let it be!  We now have some funds to help, contact us to ask.
Anne says;  "I’m really looking forward to it – after so long writing fundraising applications (fingers crossed for next year) it will be wonderful to get out there with everyone and actually do some cueing!"
We look forward to seeing you there!  

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