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ASH Scotland Weekly Bulletin: 04 September 2015
The bulletin collates daily news stories relevant to tobacco control in Scotland - these should not be taken as necessarily representative of ASH Scotland views. Each Friday the bulletin also lists new research on tobacco control (added to PubMed in the previous week) and an ASH Scotland update.

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ASH Scotland Update

Health and Sport Committee evidence

The Scottish Parliament’s website has published the official report from Tuesday’s evidence session on the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc and Care) (Scotland) Bill.

ASH Scotland Chief Executive Sheila Duffy was among those who gave evidence to the committee.

Health Committee takes evidence on smoking in hospital grounds and e-cigarettes

The Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee yesterday took evidence for the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc. and Care) (Scotland) Bill. Several news articles focus on the discussion over the proposal to create a legally binding smoke-free perimeter immediately outside of NHS hospital buildings. Meanwhile the Evening Times focuses on the debate over plans to introduce restrictions on the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes, an editorial in the newspaper calls for legislation on e-cigarettes to be balanced.

Dundee lung cancer study

The Daily Mail runs an article about a new blood test that has proved 80% accurate in detecting lung cancer tumours. The study was co-funded by NHS Scotland and run by Dundee University.

Further restrictions on smoking a real drag

Following the publication of a survey which showed the majority of Scots are in support of further restrictions on smoking in public places, Stornoway pub landlords say they are opposed to any further smoking bans.

Appeal after illicit tobacco discovered in Fraserburgh shop

Trading Standards in the north-east are appealing to the public to report sales of illicit tobacco and cigarettes. The call comes two weeks after a Fraserburgh shopkeeper admitted to being in possession of thousands of counterfeit and illicit cigarettes and was sentenced to 120 hours of unpaid community work.

Aberdeen Trading Standards to launch campaign against under-age tobacco sales

A week-long campaign to explain how the law on tobacco affects young people will be launched by Trading Standards in Aberdeen on Monday 31 August.

E-cigarettes and relative risk

Letter from the authors of a recent Public Health England evidence review on e-cigarettes responding to criticism of their report in a Lancet editorial.

E-cigarette regulation

Douglas Kamerow highlights the differences between England and the United States in the debate over e-cigarettes.
  • BMJ 2015;351:h4634 [full text requires subscription]

Jersey: Smoke-free cars law

Legislation making it illegal to smoke in a car carrying young people under the age of 18 came into force in Jersey yesterday. Drivers and passengers can both be fined for smoking.

Nottinghamshire county council stubs out smoking breaks

A county council in England has announced a new policy ending smoking breaks during paid working hours for its employees.

'EU-Tobacco industry redaction revelations must not go unchallenged, warns health NGO'

Writing in The Parliament Magazine Florence Berteletti, director of Smoke free partnership discusses tobacco industry lobbying at the European Commission.

China: new rules on tobacco advertising

New rules restricting tobacco advertising came into force in China yesterday, prohibiting mass media tobacco advertisements in public places, on public vehicles and outdoors.

New research into wage increases and smoking behaviour

US research published in the Annals of Epidemiology found that a 10% increase in wages led to about a 5% drop in smoking rates among workers who are male or who have high school education or less, and improves their overall chances of quitting smoking from 17 to 20%.

Parents unaware of safety risks e-liquid pose to children

A study by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis finds that many parents who use e-cigarettes are unaware of the potential hazards, such as nicotine poisoning the devices may present to children. The paper also finds that many do not store e-liquid safely.

Big Tobacco and freedom of information laws

Gerard Hastings, Professor at the Institute for Social Marketing at University of Stirling and, Nola Ries, Senior Lecturer at University of Newcastle, Australia discuss the use of freedom of information laws by tobacco firms in separate pieces for The Conversation.

Focus on prevention

Cardiologists have warned, in a journal piece, that the NHS is wasting money on operations for heart conditions on strokes when it should be focusing on preventive measures around quitting smoking and losing weight.

Council’s smoke break ban proposals

Nottinghamshire County Council, employer to 9000 people, has announced proposals which would ban staff from smoking during working hours. The proposals include ‘short breaks’.
  • Guardian – 02 September 2015
  • Express – 03 September 2015
  • Daily Mail – 03 September 2015, page 35, no url
  • Herald – 03 September 2015, page 12, no url

US regulator to take legal action against e-cigarette firms

The Guardian reports that the Center for Environmental Health in the USA is to take legal action in California against manufacturers of best-selling e-cigarettes after its investigations "found that nearly 90% of the companies had at least one brand that produced high levels of one or both of the cancer-causing chemicals formaldehyde and acetaldehyde."

Smoker hits out at litter fine

A smoker fined for putting a cigarette butt down a drain has hit out at Wirral Council saying he was left feeling 'embarrassed and annoyed'.

Opinion - smoking on hospital grounds

Today's Metro's letter sections features a letter from someone in Glasgow who profoundly disagrees with Simon Clark of FOREST's claim that banning smoking on hospital ground is "inhumane, vindictive and petty."
  • Metro - 03 September 2015, page 19, no url

Opinion - hospital grounds ban

A letter in today's Metro asks if cars rather than smoking cigarettes should be banned from hospital grounds.
  • Metro - 04 September 2015, page 21, no url

JTI removes more gantries from law-breaking stores

JTI has pulled two more of its tobacco gantries from stores prosecuted for selling illicit cigarettes and tobacco.

Tobacco: Smokers demand value for money

The need for adult smokers to garner the best possible value for their money continues to fuel growth and NPD in the roll your own market

Impact of display ban on shoppers

With the tobacco display ban in place in small stores for nearly six months, now is a great time to consider what impact it has actually had on shoppers, writes HIM's Katie Littler.

Tobacco company announces giveaway for retailers

Talking Retail reports on a competition for retailers from JTI Advance, to celebrate its one year anniversary. JTI Advance was "Created to provide key category insights, news on product developments and up-to-date industry and legislative information."

Retail’s new approach

Talking Retail has an article looking at ‘new and innovative’ ways of selling tobacco, in the aftermath of the display ban coming into force.

Very low nicotine cigarettes

‘MAGIC o’ brand cigarettes have been launched in the USA via their website, with the claim that there is only 0.04mg of nicotine per cigarette. This is 95% less than conventional cigarettes, according to the press release.

Wholesale tobacco decline

It is reported that Booker Group PLC, the grocery wholesaler, has been hit by a 6.5% decline in tobacco sales, resulting in an overall 2% drop in sales. Excluding tobacco, its sales were up 0.1%.

Motion on the fall in smoking rates in Scotland

*S4M-14057 Stewart Maxwell: Smoking Rates Fall in Scotland - That the Parliament welcomes the findings of the Scottish Household Survey 2014, which indicates that smoking rates have declined at their fastest rate since 1999; understands that 20% of adults in Scotland now smoke, which constitutes a drop of 3% over the previous three years; is encouraged that smoking rates in the most deprived areas have dropped from 40% in 2010 to 34% in 2014, and congratulates all those people and organisations that are working towards the Scottish Government’s objective of a smoke-free Scotland by 2034.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, John Mason*, Neil Findlay*, Jackie Baillie*, Kenneth Gibson*, Roderick Campbell*, Richard Simpson*, Anne McTaggart*, Richard Lyle*, Kevin Stewart*, Rob Gibson*, Christina McKelvie*, Stuart McMillan*, Graeme Dey*, Joan McAlpine*, Dennis Robertson*, Gordon MacDonald*, Adam Ingram*, Hanzala Malik*

Health and Sport Committee evidence

The Scottish Parliament’s website has published the official report from Tuesday’s evidence session on the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc and Care) (Scotland) Bill. ASH Scotland Chief Executive Sheila Duffy was among those who gave evidence to the committee.

PQ S4W-27155

Jackson Carlaw (West Scotland) (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party): To ask the Scottish Government whether it has assessed the report commissioned by Public Health England, E-cigarettes: an evidence update, and, if so, what (a) its position is on the findings and (b) implications the report will have on the advice provided by NHS Scotland's smoking cessation services. (S4W-27155).

Maureen Watt: The Public Health England report is a welcome addition to the evidence base around e-cigarettes as the Scottish Government continues to develop its overall policy around e-cigarettes. Current evidence suggests e-cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco and if using them helps smokers quit entirely then that is to be welcomed. Anyone using an e-cigarette to help them quit will most likely see the best results if they do this alongside the support of their local stop smoking services. Scottish Government is working with smoking cessation services in Scotland to explore how they can best help users of e-cigarettes to quit tobacco for good. Further research on the long-term health impacts of e-cigarettes is needed, and we will continue to monitor evidence. Our Health Bill strikes a balance between regulating e-cigarettes and helping those who wish to use them to help stop smoking. By doing so we hope both to prevent smoking from appearing normal again, but also gain the public health benefits from reductions in the use of cigarettes.

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Cognitive Function
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Dental Health
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Diseases and conditions
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Smoking Cessation
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Smoking Cessation Services
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Young people
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