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ASH Scotland Daily Bulletin: 26 August 2015
The bulletin collates daily news stories relevant to tobacco control in Scotland - these should not be taken as necessarily representative of ASH Scotland views. Each Friday the bulletin also lists new research on tobacco control (added to PubMed in the previous week) and an ASH Scotland update.

Scottish smoking rate falls

New figures from the Scottish Household Survey have been published today. Key figures include:

"Twenty per cent of adults were current cigarette smokers in 2014, a reduction from 23 per cent of adults in each of the three previous years and from 31 per cent in 1999. One in three (34 per cent) adults in the 20 per cent most deprived areas in Scotland smoke cigarettes, significantly higher than 9 per cent of those in the 20 per cent least deprived areas. Although the pattern is broadly similar to that in previous years, prevalence has reduced in all deprivation quintiles in the last year, most notably from 39 per cent to 34 per cent in the 20 per cent most deprived areas."

ASH Scotland Chief Executive Sheila Duffy said:
“Such a substantial reduction in the smoking rate suggests that fewer young people are taking up smoking and more adult smokers are quitting. This is a significant step on the road towards a tobacco-free Scotland and leaves many more people in Scotland in better shape to avoid cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia and the range of other harms caused by tobacco."

For more from Sheila Duffy, see ASH Scotland's press release below.

Edinburgh e-cigarette site to close

Scottish papers are reporting that the Blu e-cigarette brand’s site in Edinburgh is to close next month, putting at risk 55 jobs. Blu is owned by Imperial Tobacco.

Women switching to vaping

The Daily Mail reports that a survey by e-cigarette brand VIP has found that more women than men switch to vaping from tobacco smoking, with more than half of smokers choosing to use vaping to quit being women.

Research – parents and e-cigarette dangers

News Medical reports on research from the USA about parents that vape are not aware of the dangers posed to children, such as ingesting a teaspoon e-liquid being potentially fatal and smaller amounts causing nausea and vomiting.

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