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Under its new CEO, New York Magazine is branching out into more “voice-y news products”

“We’re making sure that we’re appropriately marketing directly to consumers and really selling subscriptions at full price.” By Laura Hazard Owen.

With its subscribers Facebook group, The Boston Globe is mining the stickiest corners of the platform

An average post in the private subscribers group of just over 2,000 members attracts about twice the number of comments as a post on the Globe’s main Facebook page, which is approaching half a million likes. By Shan Wang.
The Internet Archive is building up a Trump presidential library — of everything he’s ever said, on video
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WWD / Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke
Fusion faces its new reality →
After laying off 70 in November, Fusion is now rolled up into the Gizmodo Media Group (part of what is called the Fusion Media Group). On the business side, Fusion’s sales team has been centralized, so sales staff can now combine the company’s web traffic numbers to add scale and sell by category across the 11 sites that make up the FMG, a larger structure that includes the eight sites under the GMG umbrella as well the Onion, Clickhole, and the AV Club.
The New York Times / Laura M. Holson
Condé Nast’s vast archive of photos and illustrations will be for sale soon in the form of prints, totes, and more →
Until recently, the archive team’s priority was preservation. But given the industrywide losses in print advertising, Condé Nast and other media companies are turning to new sources of revenue. Since his appointment as Condé Nast’s photography director for the archive, Ivan Shaw has been readying an online store, to be called Condé Nast Editions.
The New York Times / Jim Rutenberg
Facebook hires Campbell Brown to lead news partnerships team →
“The position is a new one for Facebook. In the role, Ms. Brown will “help news organizations and journalists work more closely and more effectively with Facebook,” she wrote on her Facebook page Friday afternoon.”
Bloomberg View / Leonid Bershidsky
Why Medium failed to disrupt the media →
“There is no way to disrupt this the way Uber is disrupting the taxi business: Writing to which people will subscribe is not a commodity. It’s rare and expensive, and it’s not about good software or buzzwords like “network effect.” That will probably be the next revelation for Williams as he retraces the steps of “legacy” publishers.”
New York / Susannah Edelbaum
If you’re obsessed with being French, this newsletter is superbe →
“The site has 3 million subscribers, mainly in Europe. But that seems poised to change, as Péchiodat and her team of 130 trained their sights on the United States this week.”
Motherboard / Jordan Pearson
Here’s 520 hours of searchable Donald Trump interviews →
“The good folks at the Internet Archive have created a growing repository of more than 520 hours of Donald Trump TV interviews and appearances, from 2009 to now. The archive of video is searchable, and comes with a video editor for making supercuts. Go nuts.”