Hello Friend, thank you for praying. We cannot do what we do, and go where we go, without your prayers!

"It was a day of miracles! We believe prayer held off the rain, that weather radars said would descend on the outdoor venue, at the exact time (our daughter's) wedding was to begin. MJ and I prayed that my health would hold for the wedding. Not only did it hold, but I felt supernatural strength from the Thursday to the Sunday. 

Now it is time for some new miracles. After reviewing my most recent CT scan, the liver surgeon has scheduled surgery for October 3rd. Although the tumours have not diminished in size, the good news is that they have not increased, nor have they spread. What remains to be seen is if both the liver and colon surgery will be done at the same time. Both surgeons will consult. The final decision may not be made until the day of surgery as they remove portions of my liver. As my liver surgeon put it: “if we can do both on the same day, I’ll go for a coffee while the colon surgeon does his work”. I have to laugh, surgery for these guys is like most of us driving a car, it becomes a daily routine over time.

Here is a closing thought for you. Psalm 66 remembers God’s rescue of the Israelites, as they watched God part the waters of the Red Sea, during their exodus from Egypt. Verse 10 says: “For you, God, tested us; you refined us like silver.” I love what the footnotes in the Life Application Bible say about this verse. “Just as fire refines silver in the smelting process, trials refine our character. They bring us a new and deeper wisdom, helping us discern truth from falsehood and giving us the discipline to do what we know is right. Above all, these trials help us realise that life is a gift from God to be cherished, not a right to be taken for granted.”"

PRAISE God for Villages of Hope, Africa...they are truly bringing hope to thousands of vulnerable children across Africa. Today we celebrate VOH Chongwe (Zambia) and a young man named Festus.

Festus is one of the VOH Chongwe's Science Teachers. Festus started school in 1999 at VOH Kitwe and our VOH Chongwe Director (Auntie Mwenya) was his grade 1 teacher. He completed High School in 2009 at VOH Kitwe and then graduated with excellent results, which allowed him to be accepted at Mukuba University, one of the four credible Zambian Government Universities. At University he received a Bachelor's in Natural Sciences with Education majoring in Biology and Chemistry. Upon graduation, he joined the VOH Chongwe team teaching science.

Festus is also part of our Discipleship Program where he leads the children in coming up with songs based on scripture. Festus is one of the many testimonies of children whose hope has been restored thanks to God, VOH, and our supporters!

PRAY for the success of our Evenings of Hope, taking place across Canada this Fall! Be sure to purchase a ticket and attend one of these great events in your area.
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