Hello Friend, thank you for praying. We cannot do what we do, and go where we go, without your prayers!

Philippe & Rebecca Straforelli

PRAY for Philippe as he continues his battle with cancer in his brain.  We are asking God for complete healing. He is suffering headaches again and is struggling in other areas. Here's an update from the family:
Thank you for your love and concern and for your prayer for me and my family and our life with brain cancer and we are in need of more. Several months ago we learned the cancer has started to grow again. We just had another MRI and it is starting to spread. Not the news we were hoping for. Our oncologist has given us 6 months. It would be easy to say we need God to show up but He has already in so many ways this past 16 months and we are grateful. It is just so hard to surrender to God’s will especially when we have four kids who’s faith is young and tender and still forming. Never easy. The words of this song are so powerful to us."

So let go my soul and trust in Him.
The wind and waves still know His name.
(It is Well by Bethel)

Harlyn and Helene Purdy
Blantyre, Malawi

PRAY for Harlyn and Helene as they serve the Lord in Malawi. Here is an excerpt from their recent updates:

Pentecostal Bible and Leadership Institute (PBLI) expanded its operation by introducing an extension program in Lilongwe. Classes are held in the facilities that served as the Pentecostal Bible College between the years 2004 and 2009. These facilities remain in good condition and were most recently used to house a VOH primary school. The Lilongwe extension serves to enable former graduates to complete their degree and new students to begin diploma and degree programs. Several students have completed their degree and we have added a number of new students. Please pray for all of our students! Please remember Malawi in your prayers. Unrest continues and violence, though targeted at the moment, is increasing. The police tear gassed the hospital in Blantyre yesterday. Some reports indicate that a child died as a result. We can't verify this report, but pray for the children of Malawi as they often suffer as a result of unrest. Let us pray that the gospel will prosper and many come into the Kingdom during these days of unrest.

PRAY for Rodney and Elna.They recently experienced a horrible experience in the Philippines but are thankful that God undertook in so many ways.

"This past Tuesday afternoon as Elna and I were driving on a 4 lane road, a 6 year old boy ran across the road and because he was below the hood line of the vehicle next to me I didn't see him. The traffic light was green and I was following the flow of traffic. The impact or “bumping” as they say here in the Philippines of the little boy was traumatic with lots of speaking in tongues and declarations of life. When I stepped out of the car to see where he had been thrown he was lying on the ground face down with blood seeping from his head. God was very much present as on the corner was a police sub-station, and an ambulance was on the scene in 15 minutes which is a very fast response for our city. Our relationship with Christian Doctors and Policemen, Radio and TV personnel was also very helpful and God ordained. Jake has made a miraculous recovery since Tuesday. The CT scan showed no internal bleeding, and the X-ray showed a broken collarbone and a small fracture in his arm. There was a blood clot in the abdominal area but it has dissolved with medicines. He was to be kept under observation for 7 days but due to his rapid recovery he was released from the hospital after 48 hrs. GOD IS WORKING A MIRACLE. We are now ministering on the spiritual level to the family as Jake was an unwanted child, who has lived with his uncle since the age of two, and his biological parents are separated. We are praying and believing that we will be able to connect Jake with a Compassion project in the area of his home. God is in control! We can see Him working thru this entire incident that he might receive the glory. Where the devil wanted to kill, steal and destroy the Lord is going to turn this around for good. Once again thank for your prayers and lifting up our arms!"
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