Calibration certificate updates!

Mesa Calibration Certificates

In an effort to continuously improve our quality and our products, Mesa Laboratories Inc. has made a significant and major update to our calibration certificates. These changes will be reflected on any calibrations performed on or after 04FEB13. Please note the following changes have occured:
  • Date format throughout the certificate updated to meet Pharmaceutical Good Documentation Practices (GDP)
  • A field for 'Customer's Sales Order or P.O. Number' has been added
  • A field for 'Customer's Unit Under Test (UUT) ID' has been added (With this addition, a UUT ID can be provided to Mesa to be listed)
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Benefits of Using DataTrace in a Smokehouse


A common need and challenge in the smokehouse industry is the ability to monitor and collect data in a harsh, smoky environment during processes that may take up to several hours to complete. All of this time can be wasted if a process completes and is unsuccessful at the end. Typically a temperature "spot check" is required near or at the end of a process as well, requiring a person to enter a fairly dangerous environment just to collect a data point or two to confirm the process completed successfully. One method that the industry currently uses to aid in the data collection process if wired thermocouple systems. These systems are very costly, require recalibration very frequently and are not very accurate. They also break quite frequently and do not lend themselves well to the industry because a typical worker may not realize the probe is still attached to a cart and damage the probe...(Read More)

Mesa Labs Releases DataTrace MPIII Thermowell Data Logger!

Monitoring the temperature of a process or a finished food product presents several challenges for manufacturers today. One must weigh getting accurate readings within the package with the displacement that occurs when placing a data logger within the product. What’s more, no one wants to sift through messy product to locate a data logger but this is what must be done so as not to compromise the seal integrity of the product and generate accurate reading during thermal processing. That is, until now! Mesa is introducing the DataTrace MPIII Thermowell Data Logger which allows for the addition/removal of the logger without breaking the seal! This logger is ideal for monitoring temperatures in a sealed container such as a can or bottle or for an SIP or CIP system at the typical monitor points where the Thermowell can be welded directly into piping allowing the logger to be easily removed and replaced when desired without shutting down the process....(Read More)

Mesa Labs Ranked #49 on Forbes Best Small Companies

Forbes ranks companies in the United States every year based on their growth rate and level of success. The 100 Best Small Companies in America on this list show strong sales and earnings growth across industries. Candidates must have been publicly traded for at least a year, generate annual revenue between $5 million and $1 billion and boast a stock price no lower than $5 a share....(Read More)
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