Mesa Acquires SureTorque!

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Recently Mesa acquired the SureTorque line of automated bottle cap torque testing equipment. This acquisition solidified Mesa’s place in the Cap Torque Analyzer industry. With a wide range of options, the SureTorque instruments can be configured for a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food & beverage.
SureTorque has a long history in the design and production of automated bottle cap torque testing instruments. Their line of instruments includes several variations, ranging from semi-automated versions up to fully automated, in-line instruments.
SureTorque offers bottle cap torque testers suitable for a wide range of environments and applications from harsh wash-down liquid filling lines to pharmaceutical clean rooms. Offering a series of customized options, SureTorque makes the ideal addition to Mesa Cap Torque Analyzer product line by expanding Mesa’s offering to include a number of additional testing possibilities as well as providing a variety of material options for the units themselves. Coupled with Torqo, Mesa’s customers can now benefit from the expertise of 2 of the leading Cap Torque Analyzer products lines available in the marketplace today.  
To find out which analyzer may be right for your process, see our product comparison chart here, email us for a detailed quote or stop by and see us at Pack Expo Sept. 23-25 in Las Vegas at Booth # S7945.

Faster Cycle Time in Bottling Industry

The bottling industry in general is spending more and more time analyzing bottle cap torque testing data. Increasing quantities of bottles are flowing through bottling lines daily and this is why this information is becoming more relevant. Quality control is driving that effort and demanding more useful and accurate data. In the past, the collection was manually documented and not kept in any strict order. This was making it difficult for companies to track data over time. Most often, legacy data has been put aside or disregarded....(read more)

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