Holiday-Proof Planters, Pest Control & 32 Chilli Plants
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 Holiday-Proof Planters For Perfect Watering 
Our holiday-proof planters will be keeping our Gardening Angels' tomatoes, chillies and more watered for up to 14 days while they jet off on their summer breaks.
If you're jetting off for an extended holiday, why not connect your Greenhouse Sensation planter to a holiday watering kit? It keeps your plants perfectly fed and watered for even longer periods.

The red water level controller is cleverly designed to maintain the required water level in your planter's SmartReservoir, so there's no risk of overflow.
Kit includes all connectors, 2 metres of connector pipe to link from your 25 Litre reservoir to your planter. You could even opt for our water butt connecting kit for even longer watering.
Relax on the beach, worry-free, knowing your plants will still be thriving, so you can come home to a bumper harvest!
★ Holiday Watering Kits - From £10.00 ★
Gardening Angel Dave’s tomatoes won’t be thirsty in his Duogrow planter thanks to its 25 litre SmartReservoir.

He’ll have even more Sungolds and San Marzanos to pick when he returns.
★ Award-Winning Duogrow - From £28.00 ★
Gardening Angel Charlotte’s aubergines will be nicely pampered in her award-winning Quadgrow planter with 30 litre reservoir.

They’ll be no coming home to wilted, under-watered plants after her break. Lucky Charlotte, lucky aubergines!
★ Best-Selling Quadgrow - From £42.90 ★
Gardening Angel Maria won’t be worrying about her Bolivian Rainbow chillies while soaking up the sun thanks to her Chilligrow planter.

Designed to keep even the fussiest chillies watered for up to 7 days, Maria’s plant will be covered in Bolivian Rainbows after her break.
★ Holiday-Proof Chilligrow - From £26.90 ★
 Top Tip - Still Time To Plant Out 
There's still time to pop to your local garden centre and buy some cucumber and courgette plants to plant out in your Greenhouse Sensation planter.

We're growing F1 Diva cucumber in our Duogrow planter and have been harvesting some fab crops.
We've also got some delicious Romaneso courgettes in our award-winning Quadgrow planter. Fantastic for flavour!

Giving these plants a new home in our couldn't be easier. Watch our video.
★ Planting Out In Our Award-Winning Quadgrow ★
 Wonderful Wildlife Essentials 
Transform your garden into a wildlife haven this summer in just a few small steps, and benefit from increased plant pollination and natural pest control.
Butterfly & Bee Feeder - £6.99

Attract some bees, as well as butterflies, with this lovely & bright feeding station.

The sponge feeder and 2 feeding cups enable several butterflies and bees to feed at the same time.
★ Butterfly & Bee Feeder - £6.99 ★
Hogilo Hedgehog House - £42.00

This Hogilo Hedgehog House keeps hedgehogs safe from predators and garden hazards. Give hedgehogs a safe home for feeding and nesting, and they will help keep pests like slugs away from your plants.
Did You Know? A single swallow can easily devour hundreds of bugs in a single afternoon feast. Making them great pest control in the garden.
★ Hogilo Hedgehog House - £42.00 ★
Bird Feeder - £24.99

Why not welcome some swallows back to the UK with this gorgeous feeder?

The large round entrance hole allows small birds to dine inside the feeder and the outside perch allows larger birds to feed comfortably.
Did You Know? Hungry hedgehogs can eat up to 80 slugs in one night!
 32 Chilli Plants & A Greenhouse Tour 
Ben has treated 32 chilli plants to his 8 Quadgrow planters, which he planted out about 3 weeks ago.

Our Quadgrow's on-demand watering system means that even the fussiest chillies will be perfectly fed. Meaning Ben can put his feet up and watch the Euros!
★ Award-Winning Quadgrow Planter - From £42.90 ★
Anja is a chilli wizard so its no surprise she has loads of chillies, and also a few tomatoes too!

She's also cleverly used our multi-talented herbgrow to grow some Koriander, Thaibasilikum, Rød basilikum and Limebasilikum chillies.
★ Anja's Gallery ★
 Pesky Pest Control 
Organic Slug Pellets 3.5L Bag - £7.95

These Organic Slug Pellets create an irritating barrier which makes slugs go off elsewhere to munch. Slugs love heavy rain and warm temperatures, so it's likely you'll be seeing more of them.

Made from sheep's wool, the pellets are pet and child safe as they do not contain any harmful chemicals.
Top Tip: These slug pellets remain effective for 12 months after wetting and will biodegrade and nourish soil over time.
★ Organic Slug Pellets 3.5L Bag - £7.95 ★
750ml Fruit & Veg Bug Killer - £6.95

This natural bug killer contains the two most effective natural pest killers - fatty acids and pyrethrins.

Eradicates spidermite, whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insects, caterpillars and mealybugs - fast and without tainting plants, keeping your tomatoes terrific and your peppers perfect!
★ 750ml Fruit & Veg Bug Killer - £6.95 ★
Pest & Weed Expert - £8.99

Become a pest expert with this great guide, by Dr D G Hessayon, to the most common pests, weeds, disorders and diseases and how to keep them away from your garden!

A clear no-nonsense guide that helps you to identify the problem and tells you how to prevent it and overcome it.
  Request Our FREE Brochure 
Request A FREE Brochure
Request a copy of our brilliant gardening brochure and stock up on your gardening essentials and get your plot in tip top condition.
★ Request A Brochure ★
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