The beauty laser industry continues to grow. See how ChemTec's flow monitor can detect problems in the cooling system. 
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Beauty Lasers

Every year more people voluntarily expose themselves to intense laser light. Lasers surround us at work and home, but they can be dangerous, so why would so many choose to do this? Laser treatments, usually delivered in a clinic or spa setting, are an effective way of rejuvenating aging or damaged skin. They’re also cheaper than the more invasive alternatives. As a result, the market for these lasers is growing rapidly.

Beauty Lasers: A Hot Market in Need of Cooling
Beauty Lasers Blog
Lasers need cooling systems. These are predominantly liquid-based although some air-cooled YAG lasers are available. Reliability is a key parameter in component selection: should the laser get too hot it will stop working and could suffer expensive damage.

Featured Product

FS Series Flow Monitor
FS Series Flow Monitor
The FS Series quickly detects problems in a cooling system, and can be used to shut down laser operation. 
Available in brass, stainless steel or PVC, models are available for flow rates from 0.15 to 8.50 GPM.
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