Learn about why remanufacturing can be the solution to a lower cost renovation of the wastewater industry, product materials and more. 
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Wastewater Industry

Did you know it will take $4.8 trillion over the next 20 years to repair wastewater infrastructure?

The wastewater infrastructure comprises more than just sewage pipes. Thousands of motors, pumps and filters are employed to move water through the collection and treatment system and many are part of the problem. This presents a substantial opportunity for those who can engineer innovative and more cost-effective solutions, allowing cities to stretch their dollars further.

Remanufacturing is Necessary

Reusing existing equipment stands to be a big part of this effort. Remanufacturing pumps, motors and associated equipment saves money compared to buying and installing new, lowering Total Cost of Ownership and allowing the wastewater industry to do more with less. READ MORE.
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Ever Wonder What Product Material You Should Be Using for Your Application?

Here's the Breakdown: 

                         BRASS                                                      PVC

                  Stainless Steel                                             Teflon

Your company’s reputation depends on how your products perform in-service, and their performance depends on choosing the right material for each component. Use PVC when the application demands stainless steel and you risk failure. Conversely, use stainless when it’s not necessary and you may price your product out of the market. READ MORE. 
Match the Material to the Application

ChemTec Featured Product

LCA Series Flow Monitor
The LCA is the featured product promotion for the second quarter. Become ChemTec certified and get 50% off the listed price.


ChemTec products all have a part to play in the water infrastructure, especially flow monitors. Used to sense abnormal flow conditions, these can be configured to send an alert in case of blockage or low-flow condition, protecting pumps from damage, and indicating when filters need changing. 
Download the LCA Series Spec Sheet

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