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The Pump Industry
Pumps come in many shapes and sizes and have endless applications in manufacturing, energy, food processing and mineral mining. ChemTec's specialty is in low flow valves and monitors that can be used in sampling, hydraulic and cooling systems, and are capable of handling both constant and pulsing flows.

Reducing Pulsation in Peristaltic Pumping Systems
As fluid enters the head of a peristaltic pump, it becomes trapped between two rollers. This "pillow" of fluid is followed by a void, where the tubing is occluded by the rollers. Alternating pillows and voids cause fluid flow to be pulsated, rather than smooth and continuous. If pulsation is undesirable, using a pump head with adjustable occlusion can lessen the pulsation by a quarter. READ MORE.

How is "Globalization" Affecting the Pump Industry?
Globalization, or the integration of countries including their cultures and trade practices, has brought together an array of industries including telecommunications, transportation, energy, and more. Now the process has stretched into the pump industry due to the worldwide demand for the applications in which pumps are used, such as clean water and energy. READ MORE.

Related ChemTec Products

MAO 500 Series

ChemTec’s MAO Series flow meter is a reliable, accurate, economical low flow meter with a microprocessor-based conditioning circuit capable of sending a signal to computer controlled and remote controlled process equipment. The MAO Series handles all liquids & aggressive chemicals, offers all Teflon wetted parts, and is available in three sizes.
Download the MAO 500 Spec Sheet

LPH Series

The LPH Series is a non-adjustable liquid/gas flow monitor with in line vertical plumbing, no seals and is capable of monitoring flows of corrosive and non-corrosive liquids and gases. The LPH is available in Acrylic, Brass, 316SS or Teflon and can be used for applications like laser cooling systems, bubbler systems and pollution sampling equipment.
Download the LPH Spec Sheet
We're proud to say that our LPH and MAO 500 Series flow monitors and meters can handle pulsing and constant flows in pumps and won’t fail or shut down because of other variables.

Pumps in Cooling Systems

An application that is probably more familiar is the cooling system in a car’s engine.  A cooling system is made of parts and fluid that work together to control an engine’s operating temperature for optimal performance while the thermostat is the valve that measures the temperature of the coolant and opens to allow hot fluid to travel to the radiator. If the thermostat becomes stuck and quits working, it will affect the entire cooling system. READ MORE.

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