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Hello, Partners!
This has been a truly exciting six months for the Legends of Oz franchise, as actions we’ve planned are becoming a reality. With an outpouring of interest at two prominent international film festivals (Cannes and Annecy), the ongoing completion of worldwide distribution deals, the launch of our Legends of Oz virtual world, and our progress developing the sequel, momentum is clearly building on all fronts!
This issue of the Rainbow Reporter will fill you in on all of the details. I believe my recent experience in Cannes can sum up the real progress and what we’ve achieved. From the first screening on, people I didn’t even know stopped me on the street and said, “Great job!” I graciously accepted this compliment on behalf of not only myself and Summertime Entertainment’s talented staff, but also on behalf of the partners whose support made it all possible. 
With the domestic film release getting closer and closer, we at Summertime Entertainment are working as hard as ever to make Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return the franchise sensation we believe it can be. We are happy to be on this wonderful journey through Oz with all of you!
Ryan Carroll
President and CEO
Summertime Entertainment


By Neil L. Kaufman
Executive Producer

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return is actively finalizing international sales, with agreed-upon dollar amounts falling in the medium to high ranges of its market price.
Credit for these sales goes to the overwhelmingly positive reception at the recent film festivals and the hard work of the film’s renowned international sales agent, Hyde Park International, for putting the film in a great position to capture even larger foreign sales.
Founded in 1999, Hyde Park Entertainment, Hyde Park International’s parent company, is one of the leading independent entertainment agencies in Hollywood today. Hyde Park International has become one of the most important foreign sales companies in the world and is a permanent fixture at Cannes, Berlin and the AFM, which are three of the most important markets in the world. 
The percentages for all of those countries put us exactly where we want to be. Summertime gets a minimum guarantee on these deals, which is essentially good-faith money similar to a deposit that the distributors will recoup later. It gives them a vested interest in the project and helps the franchise recoup its own money sooner.
The already completed sales put us on target to accomplish our goals, and the offer of a minimum guarantee is just the beginning. Sales are expected to continue from now through the American Film Market here in Los Angeles in November.
Territories sold:
• United States 
• Canada
• Mexico
• Central America
• Israel
• Turkey
• Poland
• Eastern Europe (The Balkans)
• Eastern Europe (remainder)
• Middle East
• South Korea
• South Africa
• Latin America
• Indonesia
• CIS (Russia)

Greg Centineo
Executive Producer

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return played to international audiences at two film festivals in France this spring with excellent response. 
Making its official public launch at the Cannes Film Festival 2013 (Festival De Cannes) in May, the film was viewed by several hundred industry members over the course of three packed screenings and was named one of the top 10 films to view! The film drew extra attention with a breathtaking 25-foot-high 3-D laser-lit display of the Emerald City on the beautiful Baoli beach pier. The pier is situated along one of the most traveled paths of the festival, the boardwalk of Promenade de la Croisette, so thousands of passersby noticed it and shot pictures of it day and night. A gala cocktail invitational reception for investors and media rounded out the affair.
That first presentation to the marketplace is critically important and has a huge impact on foreign buyers. We are thrilled with the response!
Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return also took center stage at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2013, in Annecy, France, in June. It was one of only nine films, and the only U.S. production, to be selected for the competition out of nearly 2,500 animated projects submitted. Legends of Oz was proclaimed “visually stunning” by the director of digital media at the esteemed Savannah College of Art and Design. In addition, CNN correspondent Peter Derek, impressed with the Legends of Oz story, trailed Producer Bonne Radford, Director Daniel St. Pierre and me for two days to learn more about us and how Legends of Oz evolved.
While the grand prize of the festival is typically awarded to a small, 2-D, artier film and never to a CGI production, we were honored that Legends of Oz was in the competition. As an independent production company competing at that level, we clearly made a strong statement to the industry about the high quality of our film, with artistry and complexity that is almost unheard of for any non-major studio.


By Christina Torres
Licensing Coordinator

One of our licensing partners, Timeless Trésor LLC (as Jewelry of Oz), is unveiling a new, exclusive line of Oz-themed jewelry and accessories. The line is made with semi-precious stones and metals, and includes everything from character bracelets and necklaces to fun Toto-themed dog collars, with products for all ages and price points. Avid collectors will find some rare, specialty items like an Emerald City jewel necklace in sterling silver or gold, character pendants, a Lion’s Crown with gemstones and much more! This is just the introductory line-up and new pieces are being added regularly. Several pieces are limited edition and are predicted to greatly increase in value as our and further Oz film projects are released to the world.
Now is a great time to buy gifts for friends and family for back to school and holidays!
The line is currently available on the newly launched website and partners of the film can enjoy a special 20-percentage discount at checkout! This special discount is valid through September 2013.


By Roland Carroll

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return is being billed as a family-friendly film, and what better way to draw an audience than making it an event on one of the most family-friendly weekends of the year? 
That’s exactly what we were thinking when we moved the release date from May 2 to May 9, 2014, Mother’s Day weekend. According to MediaCom, which has teamed up with Legends’
domestic distributor, Clarius Entertainment, releasing the film that weekend will help us to
reach our strongest potential audience: children, moms and dads. 
The May 9 release date and the seven-week window of viewing, enjoyed by most family-friendly films, could possibly carry the movie through the long Memorial Day weekend.  
In addition, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, the top home video distributor, will be
handling the downstream home- entertainment markets in North America, including Blu-ray, pay-per-view and video on demand.


By Rene Torres
Executive Producer

Dorothy and her friends look fabulous on the big screen, but they’ll look even better on a box or a bottle. 
That was the topic of discussion at several meetings at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in July. Ryan Carroll and I met with decision makers of major consumer brands who are close to making Legends of Oz characters their spokesmen and promoters.
Working with The CDM Co., a top firm hired by Summertime for promotional and partnership campaigns, we had nearly a dozen discussions with manufacturers’ marketers looking to add attraction to their product with the help of the movie’s characters. The more than 30 potential sponsors include an automaker, a candy manufacturer, a pet-food company, an apparel and home goods department store, a burger chain and a juice manufacturer. Discussions include co-branding, mail-in rewards and even better for Summertime, redemptions for dollars in the Legends of Oz Virtual World.
Our meetings were extremely productive. Working with The CDM Co. will enhance the franchise launch efforts and should add to the impact of our retail licensing, marketing and advertising strategy.
It is even more important to remember how these sponsorships can build. We need only look at SpongeBob Square Pants as an example of an indelible animated character whose popularity swelled-- along with sponsorships in the thousands--and is valued at more than $8 billion dollars, according to the Huffington Post.
As the film comes out, we expect to add extensively to the sponsorships because we’ll have a DVD release, a second film release and a TV release. We expect to have every major sector covered, and many of the primary retailers are making space for us. 
Our work continues with Evolution Management on the merchandising and licensing to fully monetize the intellectual properties and maintain the longevity of the revenue streams. Plans we discussed at the expo included licensing, location-based entertainment, retail development and brand management on a global basis. In some cases, merchandising partners will be redeveloping their product ideas and submitting them to the company for approval.
Both current and potential new licensees we spoke with showed tremendous interest. The licensees who still had time to effect programs for next May are very excited to be involved with Summertime.

By Brad Jashinsky
Director of Digital Media
250,000 visitors have traveled down the virtual Yellow Brick Road.

Legends of Oz World has received over 250,000 unique visitors and incredible reviews since being launched in April. The virtual world is continuing to build momentum with a growth strategy that takes into consideration targeted marketing, promotions and upgrades to keep visitors engaged. Acting as a prequel to the film, Legends of Oz World puts players on a journey to help Dorothy save Oz by reuniting her with the familiar characters Toto, Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow, as well as explore new lands that will appear in the movie, including China Country and Candy County. It features multiplayer games, 30 story quests and more than 1,000 collectible items.


One-of-a-kind iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app delights and challenges children and adults with innovative motion tracking technology.

By Brad Jashinsky
Director of Digital Media

On June 15, Summertime Entertainment launched the Toto Oz Party app, a ground-breaking interactive game app featuring the film’s endearing canine companion, Toto. 
The app connects state-of-the-art technology and human participation. Toto Oz Party is the first dance app to use motion-tracking camera technology to let players make the cartooned terrier dance and fetch by using their own body movements.
The app is currently available for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch on the Apple App Store, at 99 cents each with a 70-percent net return to Summertime.  
The app uses camera gesture control and gyro sensing to bring Toto to life in a truly magical way. Its "Music and Dance” option lets players dance with Toto to any song on their device. The app analyzes the beats of the selected song and creates custom patterns for the player to dance to. By dancing in a certain direction, players can hit many different targets to earn points. As they collect points by hitting the target, the difficulty of doing so increases. Every song provides a different experience for the player and Toto.
In the “Play Fetch” option, users shake the device to fling Toto’s favorite saucer in the air, and shake it again for Toto to catch it. Emulating the natural feel of a game of fetch, the challenge lies (and increases) in the players’ time to make Toto jump to catch the saucer. 
In addition to making Toto dance and fetch, players can also use the “Weather” option to see how Toto responds to the current weather in their neighborhood. Depending on what’s happening outside, he may shiver, pull out an umbrella, ask for water or pant.  
Summertime is currently developing apps centered on other characters from the film including the Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, Dorothy and Wiser with more to follow. The possibilities will grow even further as new characters and story lines are developed in sequels.
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