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A new report was published today by Dr Ashley Lenihan entitled 'Lessons from Abroad: International approaches to promoting evidence-based social policy'. This report outlines some of the different approaches taken by foreign and international institutions seeking to advance evidence-based policy and to identify innovations and best practices emerging that might translate well to the UK context and the realm of social policy. Her report has featured in the Guardian.
A new report entitled The Secrets of Success? How funders use and share evidence in practice? will be published next Tuesday, 23rd of July on our website. The report by Charlotte Ravenscroft, looks at how a small group of UK funders use and share evidence in practice, particularly how they find their evidence, use this evidence and share the evidence to inform the future decisions of others-funders, practitioners, and policymakers. 
A report entitled 'Evidence for the Frontline' was launched on the 27th of June. The report by Dr Jonathan Sharples explores what can be drawn from the advances from a range of fields to mobilise reasearch knowledge more effectively across social policy and practice.
This publication was featured in the GuardianInformation DailyThe MJLocal GovChildren and Young People Now, and Civil Service World. Jonathan Breckon, Manager of the Alliance, participated in a Live Chat on the Guardian entitled 'We should not see this as academics versus Whitehall'. The report was also mentioned on the Guardian by David Walker and in Policing Today 
Ray Pawson, Professor of Social Research Methodology at Leeds University, explores the reality of the complexity of the science of evaluation in the blog 'Parody and the science of evaluation', focusing on RCTs and their growing reputation as the 'gold standard' methodological approach for evaluations across social policy. 
The Professions Summit
The Alliance hosted a Professions Summit with the Royal College of Surgeons and the Institution of Civil Engineers on the 9 of July. The roundtable event saw the Chairs, Presidents and senior practitioners from over 36 professional bodies come together to promote the generation and use of evidence to advance professional practice and share lessons from amongst the different profession. 
MPs: What do you know about your constituency?

We hosted an event with the Royal Statistical Society in the House of Commons entitled 'MPs: what do you know about your constituency? How to get the evidence and statistics'. The event reached full capacity with 160 delegates and provided a very useful discussion with MPs and their researchers. Mark Easton, Home Editor, BBC News chaired the event, and speakers included Bernard Jenkin MP, Chair of the Public Administration Select Committee; Professor Danny Dorling, Uuiversity of Sheffield; and Aleks Collingwood, Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 
Party Conferences 
The Alliance will be at the Conservative, Labour, and Liberal Democrat party conferences this autumn . We are working in partnership with the Royal Statistical Society and Ipsos Mori for the Conservative and Labour conferences. We will be in Manchester on October 1 for the Conservative conference and Brighton on September 24 for the Labour conference. We are also hosting a fringe event at the Liberal Democrat conference on the 16th of September in Glasgow. Confirmed speakers for our events include Julian Huppert MP, Angela Eagle MP, Bernard Jenkin MP, Baroness Sharp, and  Jill Rutter from the Institute for Government. Invitations will be sent out to all Alliance members in the coming weeks. Please do get in touch if you plan on attending any of the conferences. 

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