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47% of millennial dads say they would sacrifice a promotion if it meant less family time.
Quality Mothering Supports Healthy Brain Development
According to a recent study published in Child Development, increased quality of maternal interactions contributes to healthy frontal lobe development in infants. Dyadic interactions were recorded at 5 months and used to evaluate EEG readings at 5, 10, and 24 months. A direct association between higher quality interactions at 5 months and enhanced EEG power at 10 and 24 months emerged. Read More →
Pacif-i is a Pacifier and Thermometer Combined
Pacif-i is a new product which combines a pacifier with a thermometer. The reading can be taken with a smartphone using bluetooth connectivity. In addition to taking temperatures, it can also record medication, set reminders, and monitor its effect on the baby's temperature.  Read More →
Storytime Creates Meaningful Informed Consent
A recent article published in Early Child Development & Care discusses ethical issues regarding the informed consent process for young children. The authors assert that 3- to 8-year-olds can and should meaningfully participate in the informed consent process. To maximize children’s engagement, they recommend an “interactive narrative” approach to the process. Read More →
Fatherly Gives Parenting Advice to Millennial Dads
Fatherly was created by two dads, Simon Isaacs and Michael Rothman, with the goal of creating a media resource for new fathers. Generally, parenting material is targeted at moms, so Fatherly aims to be a place for millennial dads to obtain both practical and unconventional parenting advice. Read More →
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