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Edition 13
Pour into us
And our faith communities,
New vision, new energy, new life, new spirit,
Passionate in our care for one another
and for all creation.
Pray our full conference prayer here.
  • Online Events for August and September offering engagement, support and fresh ideas.
  • Oceania Webinar to showcase innovative ways our local faith communities are being Alive in the Spirit in dialogue with Leisa Anslinger.
  • Don't miss the video and feedback from our Let's Have a Yarn Session exploring how parish groups are engaging with our online resources.
  • Alive in the Spirit offers ongoing Online Pastoral Resources till 31 December 2021.
Free Registration - Explore Innovative Approaches in our Parishes

We are excited to share some of the innovative ways parish communities in Australia are being alive in the Spirit. Join with Leisa Anslinger, Associate Director for Pastoral Vitality for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the founder of Catholic Life and Faith, a centre for evangelisation, stewardship, and servant leadership development. Representatives from several parish communities also share their experiences.

During our time:
  • Connect with a small group in a networking space.
  • Share questions and insights and join with Richard McMahon & Lisa Bright (from our Alive in the Spirit Team) as they interview Leisa Anslinger and Parish Representatives.
  • Experience another small group session to consider what you have heard.
  • Consider some learnings and practical ways forward.
We encourage you to register now even if you can't make the session. It will be recorded and you will receive access to view at a later time. Also, encourage others to attend as we gather as community online in prayer, fellowship and shared wisdom.
Register for Oceania Webinar

Upcoming Events!

There are many terrific opportunities to get inspired over the coming month. Each of these sessions is interactive. For the Delve Deeper Sessions, we recommend you view the relevant workshop in advance, and then bring your responses, questions and wisdom to the conversation. There are two types of links in the following list:
  • For "Click here to book your spot" you will be taken to a free registration screen to save your place for an upcoming zoom session. Please make a note in your own calendar and take care to adjust for your own time zone.
  • For "Click here to join", you just click the link when it is time to join - so again, please save the link in your calendar.
Here is the list!
  • Monday 9th August at 2.00pm (AEST): Delve Deeper with Sue Martin & Catholic Earthcare. Click here to book your spot.  
  • Saturday 14th August, 11am (AEST): Delve Deeper - The Gift of Difference with Paul Harris & Fr Peter Maher. Click here to join
  • Wednesday 18th August, 7.30pm (AEST): Let's Have a Yarn. An open meeting where we share our successes, challenges and ideas with others in the Alive in the Spirit Community, and make new connections. We will be inviting some of our workshoppers to join the discussion. Click here to join.  
  • Tuesday 24th August, 10am (AEST): Oceania Pastoral Ministry Webinar (advertised above): Click here to book your spot.
  • Wednesday 1st September, 7.30pm (AEST): Delve Deeper: Seven Qualities of Effective Parish Pastoral Councils with Richard McMahon. Click here to book your spot.
  • Thursday 2nd September, 11am (AEST): Delve Deeper: Creating Community in a Virtual World with Lisa Bright. Click here to book your spot.
Keen to chat with a workshopper not listed?  To organise a session, please send an email to and we can connect you with the workshop presenter you would like to engage with.
Fruits from our Group Planning Session

We had a terrific Let's Have a Yarn Session recently, with some 30 people in attendance from a diverse range of faith communities. You can watch the video of the session here.

Those gathered were not all aware of the Parish Kit available to assist communities wanting to offer small group events. It contains a wide range of materials including tips on how to run sessions for emcees and small group leaders, as well as strategies to invite parishioners. It will be updated soon for the "post-conference" online space, but the present version is still very handy: Click here to view and/or download.

We reflected on some ways the online resources could be brought to life locally and were pleased to hear of parishes already engaging in wonderful ways. Here are some of the ideas people shared:
  • Targeting a particular group and share resources relevant to them
  • Knowing the Why for us and for our communities before we rush into watching lots of workshops.
  • Getting a team of people together to consider next best steps.
  • Having small group sessions to get to know each other – not just watch videos.
  • Use the keynote addresses as a starting point with any community formation.
  • Think of a target group when considering which workshop to show at a community event.
  • Become familiar with resources in next period, so as to better utilise them in final months of year.
  • Use prayer resources as an intro to workshops with groups.
  • Develop a strategy for your parish – what is your vision and goals – and then consider how the resources can assist.
  • What are we inviting people to join? Be clear in the invitation.
  • How do we empower people to trust themselves and their answers?
  • Empowerment of the laity by clergy is needed
  • Going back to PPC with Parish Kit for next steps
  • Gathering in small groups to share and reflect on the workshops
  • Celebrate and share the goodness in community
  • Weekly Zoom sessions to share stories & workshops
  • Using some of the resources to bring different groups together
  • Using the prayer resources with PPC
  • Lead a parish renewal/retreat towards end of year
  • Offer zoom sessions after Mass
  • Use particular workshops to bring to life their recommendations
If you are having a hiccup connecting with the website or can't find what you are looking for, please contact us The icon above is available on our website, or if you can't login, please contact us:
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Frequently Asked Questions
Am I able to download workshops to use with small groups?

We appreciate that in some settings, internet connections are not what we would hope. However, we also need to protect the intellectual property of those who have gifted us with their wisdom. For this reason, we are not making the videos downloadable as we would then lose control of the asset. Please reach out to the individual workshopper if you have a special request.

What happens to the site after December? 
Many people want to offer a parish renewal in 2022, hopeful that their community will have emerged from the worst of the pandemic. We are currently exploring possibilities. Part of the challenge is the ongoing costs to maintain the website and the other consideration is honouring our commitment to our workshoppers to make the videos available to them after the end of the year. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Visit our FAQ page - hopefully someone else has asked your question!

"There is a breadth and a depth to the Alive in the Spirit experience that makes it an invaluable resource for anyone who cares about discipleship in the church at this time. There is plenty of material here for personal growth and reflection, as well as for sharing in small faith groups. The keynote speakers address the big picture, locating us in a challenging time and place, while the excellent workshops address areas of specific ministry in helpful and practical ways. An energising and hope filled experience I highly recommend."

- Patricia Gemmell

Registrations Still Open - Share the Word - Upgrade to a Group

People are still only now just finding out about Alive in the Spirit. Your friends may well be among them. Many of us are in lockdown and so this is a wonderful opportunity to experience a virtual retreat with people in your circle of friends or wider faith community.

If you have a faith sharing group who currently cannot meet, you may consider taking out the group registration. For the price of $200, you receive 11 registrations. Individual registrations are $40.

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Let us all resign ourselves into His hands,
and pray that in all things He may guide us to do His Holy Will…
When thoughts of this or that come I turn to Him and say:
“Only what you will, my God. Use me as You will.

St. Mary MacKillop

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