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The Autumn Symposium is rapidly approaching and we have another excellent programme with five speakers this year.  All of our events are becoming ever more popular so I recommend early booking.  We continue to move these events around the country to make our events more accessible to all, so if you have any suggestions for future venues, do contact me.

In this newsletter is a call for nominations to Council, so if you would like to be involved in the running of the Society, please take a look at the article below. Nominations to Council

We have just launched the thirteenth book in the Technical Series: "Biofilms in the Dairy Industry" is available at the members discount rate (35% reduction on the full price).  Log inton the website and go to the members area for the discount code. 

Subscription renewal

Sadly, some members still have not renewed their subscription, so if you are one, please do so immediately, before I delete you from the membership!

Autumn Symposium 11th November

Final details and booking form.  These will be winging their way to you via snail mail, but I have also attached them to this newsletter. Click HERE to download the booking form.
The following presentations will form the symposium: 

  • Food Safety: Systems and Psychology: Dr Ken Burgess, Ken Burgess Associates
  • Listeria management – who is responsible?:  Dr John Holah, Holchem Laboratories Ltd
  • E. coli and food safety: Dr Phil Voysey, Campden BRI
  • Prevention and localisation of microbiological risks caused by defects in processing equipment: Magne Brauten, Bactoforce & Peter Prichard, Magnaflux
  • Tools to protect the food chain: Speaker from Foss
Click HERE to download the full programme.

Trade stands are welcomed again this year and it would be good to have as many as we had at the Spring Conference.  Our trade stand space is inexpensive so why not promote your goods or services at our events.

AGM and nominations to Council

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held at 09.30 a.m. on Wednesday 11th November, immediately preceding the Autumn Symposium.  Richard Sheard will be retiring from Council having served On Council since 2001 and as Honorary Secretary for much of that time. We are indebted to Richard for his wise counsel and hard work on the Society's behalf.  
The Constitution states that [a maximum of] "Six members in addition to the office holders shall be either nominated or elected by ballot to be members of the Council to represent the entire membership".  Currently, we have, including Richard, four elected members and two co-opted members.  Thus there are vacancies on Council.  

If any member wishes to serve on Council, nominations, which are supported by two members, need to reach the Executive Directory by September 21st 2015.  If there are more nominations than vacancies a ballot will be held.  For the nomination form, click HERE.

At the last meeting of Council, student representative Joshua Bough, of Muller-Wiseman Dairies, was presented with his award as student contributing most to the work of the Society.  He should have received this at the Annual Dinner, but was unable to attend due to work commitments.

Joshua Bough receives the award from President, Dr John Tuohy

The important role of technical events

This was received by the office some weeks ago, so I apologise for the delay in publishing this article by John Sumner.

I put pen to paper to write this piece, or should I say apply fingers to keys, a week or so after the annual Livestock Event. This two-day Event is now well settled in its new home at the National Exhibition Centre at Birmingham. Formerly known as the Dairy Event and organised by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF), it has a long and proud history.
As far as I can discover, the first ever show, known as the London Dairy Show, was held at Olympia in 1876. The main purpose was to improve the performance of dairy cattle breeds through judging on certain phenotypical traits as specified by the breed standards. Five day economic milking trials were later introduced which helped to establish the value of milk quality in terms of butterfat and protein. The Event arrived at the NEC some four years ago after nearly 100 years at Olympia followed by 26 years at Stoneleigh.

As with other types of agricultural shows, this event has changed to reflect the needs of the industry. I read recently a review of the UK dairy farming industry as it was 50 years ago when the Dairy Show attracted hordes of farmers from all over the country down to Olympia. The report boasted a £I million/ day industry, in which “every 24 hours, 3 million dairy cows are milked by 130,000 farmers.” What a contrast to the current position of 1.7 million cows and just under 13,500 farmers!

Although the development of breeds is still an important element, the Event today is a focus for business and technical developments, discussion and forward planning. Everything from education to finance, from genetics to robotics, were there to be discussed. I suspect the organisers would welcome more involvement in this Event from processors/manufacturers although I know taking stand space is costly and has to be justified. This year the show came at a time when the UK dairy industry has been, and is still going through one of the hardest times in recent decades, yet the number of visitors and exhibitors (over 400) was good.

Technical events such as the Livestock Event, are not just a day out, but a key opportunity to find ways to improve efficiency, share information, see at first hand new technology developments, meet people and plan for tomorrow. The industry, especially dairy farming has seen some tough times since deregulation, and it is not out of the woods yet, but as the world demand for food grows, the future has to be brighter.

Our purpose is to advance professional development and recognition through knowledge transfer and networking.

Please send comments, feedback and suggestions for topics to Liz Whitley
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Liz Whitley
Executive Director
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