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When Can We Go Back
Protecting the Protectors
The International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples is observed on the 9th of August each year to promote the rights of indigenous people around the world. In this collection of videos, we provide a glimpse into the lives of indigenous people in Southeast Asia.

When Can We Go Back tells the story of the Karen people in Thailand and how they've coped after authorities burned down their homes in the mountains.
The Last Hunter
The Last Hunter
In 1990, the Wasur National Park in Merauke, West Papua, was declared to protect biodiversity and empower local inhabitants to manage it. In 2012, there are very few animals left in the park, and hunter Leo Wambitman is on the verge of giving up his bow and arrows to turn into selling timber.
Orang Asli Blockade Logging
Orang Asli Blockade Logging
Indigenous people in Malaysia protest at a logger’s camp demanding that the activity be stopped immediately as it's being conducted without their consent and destroying their customary land.
Preserving The Forest, Preserving The Customary
Preserving the Forest for the Next Generation
The indigenous community of Talang Mamak of Indonesia is turning to the younger generation to preserve the forest that has become their lifeblood. For Aan and his friends, this is the reflection of the confidence their elders have in them.
Shafie Dris
Featured Filmmaker:
Shafie Dris

Our interview with Shafie Dris, an activist and filmmaker who is at the forefront of the indigenous rights movement in Malaysia. Read more
Join Commemorative Events in Asia!
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact has compiled a list of events being held in Asia to mark the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples.
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