VillageReach Update - Spring 2013 
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Greetings to all of our friends and supporters.  I’m very pleased to report on a number of exciting developments.  

Global Vaccine Summit Recognizes VillageReach
  • Coinciding with Immunization Week, Field Officer Margarida Matsinhe, the 2013 Gates Vaccine Innovation Award winner, and Mozambique Country Director Leah Hasselback are attending this week's Global Vaccine Summit in Abu Dhabi.  Leah is speaking on the panel, Looking to the Future: New Vaccines and Delivery Innovations, at the summit.  See us on Twitter @VillageReach and Facebook for updates on the summit.
Technical Training Starts for Pharmacy Assistants in Malawi
  • The Pharmacy Assistants program is progressing on schedule.  See this update on the initial set of 50 students who have started a three-month training orientation as part of their two-year training course in pharmaceutics, pharmacology, and medicines and medical supplies management.
Pneumococcal Vaccine Has Arrived in Mozambique
  • Mozambique took a big step in fighting infant pneumonia with the introduction of the pneumococcal vaccine (PCV).   See this update.  
Evaluating Social Impact of Healthcare Outreach in Malawi
  • We have a new report on our initiative to enable greater collaboration in the development of logistics management information systems (LMIS) for health systems in low-income countries.  See this update on the OpenLMIS initiative.
VillageReach In the News
We recently updated our mission, goals and strategies, which you can find here.   This new strategic outlook reflects the growing opportunities we see to improve health system performance, and the expanding breadth of our capabilities to address them.

For more than a decade we have worked to improve health system performance at the lower levels or “last mile” of the health system.   Our new strategic outlook reflects our learning that, to be successful, more is required than simply moving health commodities across the last mile.   We must start with a deep understanding of the last mile and design system innovations that take into account the resources, capacity and infrastructure available at that level. What is new and exciting is that more global health organizations are both recognizing the value of this perspective and our unique experience.  We want to take advantage of that growing interest and reinforce our positioning.  So as a result, we recently updated our logo/tagline to:  Starting at the Last Mile.  The new tagline doesn't change what we do, but it does help us emphasize the value that can be gained in strengthening the health system as a whole by first looking at the challenges at the point where healthcare reaches the patient.

Thank you for your generous support.  We welcome your questions and comments,
Allen D. Wilcox

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