Invest in yourself!  $100 off if you sign up before Saturday!
Feb. 11-18th 2017
Iguana Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
$100 off if you sign up before 10/1- this Saturday!
Holy moly I can taste the coffee already.  Come February, Kari & I just can't stay away. And you shouldn't either! Invest in a week of warmth, relaxation, focused attention to your yoga practice (all levels), a spectacular beach, pool & hot tub, hammocks, and the most delicious food.  We have a great group shaping up- come with us! You won't regret it. Tickets roundtrip to San Jose are still around $400!  To put that in perspective: last year we paid over $1000!  It was school vacation week, but this it still a great deal!  Just DO IT.  We can sit on the beach while the city shovels out. :)  Also- if you are interested in sharing a casita- please do let us know as we have other individuals looking for roomies. 
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