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About Red Wagon Writing

Megan Tsai is a content specialist providing marketing copywriting and consulting services for clients across the nation. 

Services include:
Audio interviews
Web sites
Press releases and press kits
Case studies
Trade and feature articles
Catalog descriptions and articles
White papers
Brochures and booklets
Direct mail
Video and CD-ROM scripting
Corporate image pieces

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Copywriter & Content Specialist
Owner, Red Wagon Writing
3265 Streamside Dr.
Greenwood, IN 46143
(317) 886-7724
Red Wagon Writing
September Newsletter

Marketing Tip of the Month
Need Fast, Easy Marketing Content?
Try an Interview.

Even the most prolific marketers have days when they’re absolutely stumped. They need a blog post or an article fast – and they have no idea where to start.

Next time you’re in this situation, try an interview. The concept of the content marketing interview is simple: find an expert in your field (this can even be someone from your own organization) and interview them. Then, just transcribe and edit the interview and you’re done.

These six tips will help you master the art of the content marketing interview.

1. Seek out expertise – but don’t be too picky. Don’t worry if your interviewee isn’t a well-known name in the industry. Nearly everyone within your organization is an expert at something; as an interviewer, your job is to get the interviewee to share a portion of their unique knowledge.

2. Tailor your questions. Once you’ve found someone who is available for an interview, consider their area of expertise. If you’re interviewing a project manager with a knack for overcoming obstacles and delivering projects on time, ask her questions about common project pitfalls and tips for avoiding them.

3. Remember the 5 W’s. Who, what, where, why and when are the questions every journalist knows to ask. If you’re having trouble coming up with questions, use the 5 W’s as a reference to make sure you have all your bases covered.

4. Wait it out. Often, amateur interviewers are easily unsettled by a reluctant interviewee. Instead of becoming flustered, try this interview technique. Ask an open-ended question and then wait a few seconds – the interviewee will likely chime in with additional information that’s more spontaneous and informative than their initial reply

5. Use technology. The easiest way to turn an interview into content is with an audio recording. If you conduct the interview in person, use a basic microphone plugged into a digital audio recorder. For a phone interview, use an online call service such as Skype combined with inexpensive call-recording software. In either case, be sure the interviewee gives you permission to record the interview. Finally, save yourself even more time by sending the file to a transcription service

6. Finishing touches. Once you have the transcribed interview, a few finishing touches are all that’s needed. Write a quick introduction explaining the interview and introducing the interviewee, edit the interview for clarity and brevity and your content is ready to go!

Writing Tip of the Month
The Power of Analogy

When faced with complex topics, many business writers focus on efficiency and utility – mistakenly discounting valuable writing tools more often seen in literary writing such as imagery and analogy. In fact, research has shown that using analogy is one of the most effective ways to get complex information across because we lack a common language for expressing these types of complicated ideas.

Consider this example from a New York Times article on China: “China is like an adolescent who took too many steroids…it has suddenly become big, but it finds it hard to coordinate and control its body. To the West, it can look like a monster.”

To write an analogy, take the complex idea you are trying to express and then think of an idea or concept that will be universally understood by your audience you can compare it to. Then, link those two concepts using the words “like” or “as”, explaining clearly and logically how they relate.
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