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Berkeley Earth has just released a new version of the Berkeley Earth dataset, which is more comprehensive than the version released in October 2011, and fixes some bugs in the initial release.  You can access the new dataset here:

The new dataset includes:
  • Additional data not included in the first release of the dataset (e.g. early data from South America, data through 2011, etc.)
  • TMIN and TMAX (in addition to TAVG)
  • Intermediate versions of the data (including multi-valued, single valued, with and without seasonality removed, with and without quality control)
  • Source data in a common format, as well as links to the original sources

All files are in Text format, but if there is enough interest we can also provide them in Matlab. Steven Mosher has independently put together a R function to import the Berkeley Earth data, which is available here:

In making these data accessible to professional and amateur exploration we hope to encourage further analysis. If you have questions or reflections on this work, please contact, We will attempt to address as many inquiries as possible, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Muller
Founder and Executive Director
Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature
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