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Baking (and breaking) news

Over the past few months, I've used cooking as a metaphor quite often in my coaching practice. For example, I talked about taking chances in the context of baking banana bread without having all the ingredients, and about writing a business proposal "packed with cherries" rather than just putting a cherry on top. So, perhaps it is only appropriate that I share exciting personal news with you using the baking metaphor, even if it's a cliche: there has been a bun baking in the oven, and now our family has expanded. On Thursday, June 16th, 2011 we welcomed our 3rd son, Jonathan, into the world.
Baby Jonathan Bas
 Among other things, this means that there will probably not be July or August Mind Terrain Coaching eNews issues, and the next issue will come out in September. It is super exciting to read your messages in response to the newsletter, though, - I love hearing your stories and getting your feedback. So I hope that we'll stay in touch throughout the summer, with or without the eNews.

Recently I have recorded 2 webinars that you may find useful and interesting.

The first 1-hr webinar, Workshop Design in a Nutshell, is for engineers, coaches, lawyers, IT professionals, architects, finance people and other specialists who want to share their expertise with a group of colleagues or clients in a concise, professional manner. It's an audio/video no-nonsense practical guide to designing a powerful workshop. It's based on my 10+ years of experience in corporate Training and Development.
Investment: $35

The second webinar is based on a presentation that I designed for and delivered at Google in NYC,   Make Great Decisions and Generate Creative Ideas by Changing Your Story. (scroll down a bit after you click on the link)
It's a 1-hour audio/video interactive program that is designed to help participants
●   Turn “I don’t know” into awesome ideas
●   Act effectively when “people don’t approve”
●   Make decisions under the circumstances that “should be different”
Investment: $29

Please spread the word if you know of anyone who could benefit from these programs. Thanks!!!

Speaking to your group

I would love an opportunity to speak to your group or organization, starting in the fall. Please see a list of sample topics, and let me know if your company, book club, or leadership group may be interested!

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