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Hello, Robin!

This is a reminder to book your Allergy Elimination treatments by next Wednesday, February 29th, to take advantage of the current special and save up to $30. AE treatments also make a great gift. You don't have to receive your treatment by the 29th, just contact me by the 29th to let me know you want to take advantage of the special.

Vitamin B12 is essential to our health and immune system. Please read the article below for important information about getting the most out of your vitamins.
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Seasonal Allergy Elimination
The winter months are the best time to clear pollen allergies

Save up to $30 on Seasonal Allergy Elimination treatments through February 29th. Using the Allergy Elimination method, I've seen pollen allergies cleared literally overnight.

The method requires a 24-hour avoidance period, however. So It is best to do the clearings before pollens are in the air. Trees usually start pollinating in March, but with the mild winter we've had, in some parts of the country they are already starting. Grasses start in May, and weeds as early as June.

I can determine which trees, grasses and weeds you are allergic to, and then clear one class of allergens per treatment. If you are only sensitive to one type of allergen, usually only one treatment is necessary. (Regularly $70 individually or 3 for $180, now $60 individually or 3 for $150. Patients new to Acupuncture Boulder will save $10 on their initial visit as well.)

Check my availability and request an appointment here.  Have questions? Ask here.

Vitamin B12 Supplements
Could Vitamin B12 deficiency be causing your chronic cough?

Vitamin B12 fuels many of your body’s most important functions:
proper food digestion and absorption
immune system
nervous system function and sleep cycles
mood regulation
mental clarity, concentration, memory
formation of red blood cells (needed for energy)
proper circulation

But a recent study also found vitamin B12 deficiency to be related to chronic cough. Since vitamin B12 is present in natural form only in animal sources of food such as beef, clams, salmon, chicken, pork, milk and eggs, strict vegetarians and vegans are high on the list of those who could be B12 deficient. Other symptoms of B12 deficiency include anemia, fatigue, weakness, constipation, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, depression, poor memory, and soreness of the mouth or tongue. But even non-vegetarians, especially older people and  those who take antacid or diabetes medications, may not produce enough instrinsic factor to absorb B12 effectively from food. And all of us need more B12 when we are under stress.

Taking B12 supplements is a good way to make sure you are getting enough. Not all forms are equal, however. MethylCobalamin is the form that is active in the body. However many supplements consist only of CyanoCobalamin, which may not be absorbed as well by the body. Since B12 is water soluble, it is very safe to supplement and there have been no documented cases of overdose. (It is contraindicated, however, if you have  the hereditary disease known as Leber's optic neuropathy.) 

Vitamin Cottage and Whole Foods both carry good brands of vitamin B12 supplements containing MethylCobalamin such as Now Foods Ultra B-12 liquid and Source Naturals sublingual. is a safe web merchant that offers low prices. You can get $5 off your first order with the coupon code OCO253.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any of your health questions or concerns. 

If you have been helped by Robin and would like to share your experience with others, please feel free to write a review on Yelp or Google. Your comments are appreciated--Thank you!

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