We will miss you, logos!
Hello <<First Name>>,

I'm so glad you've joined me as we redesign Aeolidia! I'm working on my logo right now with Mariah, and the only "work" on my end is admiring her ideas and letting her know what's working and not working for me.

Today I want to show you a few of the brilliant concepts Mariah came up with that we did not end up choosing (though one was so close I almost started a second business to be able to use it!).

The Return of Neptune!

Aw, he's so cute as re-imagined by Mariah, but we decided our name is too challenging without a confusing script like this. The script is awesome and I love it, but it's quite a mouthful and eyeful together.

The Crown Constellation

This is a lovely bit of business, isn't it? While the constellation was terribly clever, for some reason this one wasn't grabbing me all together.

The Watery Crown

Another creative idea (and Mariah intended to work on the water more if it was chosen), but I kept seeing it as a bucket of splashing water that the bucket had magically disappeared from, and we nixed it.

The High Tide

This one appealed to me, and I asked Mariah if she'd tried it with waves. She had, but then had a new idea that started working, so she shared it. I loved it like CRAZY, but in the end decided that we had a stronger logo in the running, and that this one was only going to look great at medium-to-large sizes, and the detail wouldn't work when small. But look how beautiful, and how perfectly Aeolidia:

I will miss you, textured waves! Maybe I can start up some kind of cat-washing service or pomegranate juice stand to use this logo for.

The Friendly Script

This one is the closest to the chosen logo. It has a friendly script, and you can see that Neptune is back, in simplified form. There is nothing in particular that's not working about this one, but the chosen one works so much better that this one got the boot.

What the heck logo did we choose, anyway? Stay tuned!

Pretty exciting, right? If you're in the market for a new logo, or a redesigned logo, you could be seeing a delightfully astonishing group of options tailored to your own business. I highly recommend it!

Tell us about your business and commission your dream logo

Many blessings from Neptune, god of freshwater and the sea,

P.S. if you're weighing the pros and cons of investing in a professional logo, I have an overview of your logo's importance here.

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