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I have lived in Leicestershire my whole life. I love its diversity, its location in the centre of the country and I love the countryside surrounding us. In the last year the city of Leicester has had a particularly tough time as it was locked down for more months than anywhere else in the country. So, you can imagine the excitement when Leicester City Football Club qualified for the FA Cup Final. It was the boost the people of Leicester needed and the fans who were able to be part of the ‘trial crowd’ were ecstatic to be included!

To be honest, many didn’t expect Leicester to beat Chelsea but when Youri Tielemans scored a stunning goal for Leicester and our goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel (son of Peter), made two super-sonic saves to prevent Chelsea from hitting the back of the net, the fans went wild!  The atmosphere was electric and the excitement palpable. For the first time in its history, Leicester City had won the FA Cup!

Last Monday morning I was being interviewed for an outside broadcast for BBC Radio Leicester’s Breakfast Show in a café to chat about the easing of lockdown and about diet and fitness. How lucky was I that I could be part of the celebrations as Leicester was buzzing with elation and excitement at our victory! Imagine my surprise when someone from Leicester City walked into the café with the FA Cup itself! WOW! I was thrilled to have my picture taken holding the really heavy trophy. It didn’t matter that it was a replica, (apparently the real one has two body-guards accompanying it!), but it was a privilege and a thrill just to be there and to meet the people connected with the Club who were coming in for interviews.

We all want to live for as long as we can and inevitably, we will find our body changing. In creating my aim is to normalise some of those issues and to take away the embarrassment and that feeling of ‘I hate getting older’ which can often cross our minds. Both Mary Morris and I share the goal of helping you to eat well and exercise regularly so that you keep your health and fitness in good order. Follow Mary’s weekly Fitness Challenge to ensure that you regularly keep your heart and muscles strong which is fundamental to you living a longer life.

This week, on the website, I am sure you will smile as I share some of my ‘ageing’ stories. I talk about Ageing Skin, Facial Hair and Cataracts – some of the delightful joys when we find ourselves suffering from TMB – Too Many Birthdays! In future weeks, as mentioned in the last newsletter, I will be talking about some medical issues when I hope to dispel some of the fears as we almost inevitably become subject to certain embarrassing procedures.

Weekly Challenge

Created by Mary Morris, this week’s Fitness Challenge is designed for people of all abilities – so there really is no excuse!

Mary says: Did you realise what a great piece of home gym equipment a chair can be.  You may think that exercising from a chair is only for those who struggle to stand and have serious mobility issues but think again because the simple chair can be an extremely safe and effective workout aid for all of us!


•       It helps to mobilise all the major joints really effectively as the hips being stable and 'fixed' on the chair helps to prevent unnecessary movement.  This allows each joint to move through a greater range.  Check out my Seated Warm-up video where all the joints are mobilised and prepared for action. Follow each time before working out.

•       The Seated Aerobics video is surprisingly good at getting the heart rate up so you will benefit from improved circulation and increased stamina.  That routine is also brilliant for making your brain work hard too as you change moves at a quicker pace.

•       Pick up a set of weights or water bottles to do the Seated Strength workout where you are guaranteed to work on the upper back muscles for your posture, the arms and shoulders, including plenty of waist-trimming exercise. 

•       The chair can also be used just for support whilst standing so to blast those hips and thighs check out Rosemary's routine Leg Strengthener and Bottom Toner


1.  On 3 days this week do the Chair Warm-up plus Chair Aerobics

2.  On 3 days do the Chair Warm-up plus Chair Strength Workout plus (optional) Leg Stength and Bottom Toner

You will be surprised at the effectiveness of these workouts.

Safety Tips

•       Choose a chair without arms
•       Make sure your chair is sturdy and secure on a non-slip surface
•       Always aim to sit upright in the front third of the chair seat
•       Your feet should be placed flat on the floor, hip-width apart

The best time to do your chair workouts is when you get back from your daily walk but whatever exercise you do this week.......enjoy it!  And feel a real pride in yourself for doing everything you can to be fitter, healthier and happier!

The verdict is in on the Leicestershire Police trial of The 28-Day Immunity Plan A combination of 36 Police staff and officers have now completed the 28 day plan with an average weight loss in four weeks of 10½lb! Perhaps more importantly, we asked them to rate "how they were feeling" before the plan and the average mark was 4/10, but by the end of the trial the average rating for their happiness and wellbeing had risen to 9/10.  By following my plan these trialists have made themselves fitter, healthier and happier and we will be running further programmes with Leicestershire Police going forwards. 

To see the video about the trial and how to maintain the benefits after the initial 28 days click here.  
Recipe of the Week

Another recipe from the archives! This one comes from my Complete Hip & Thigh Diet book published in 1989.

Serves 1

Selection of vegetables: large carrot, sliced, large parsnip, chopped,
50g peas, 100g cabbage, shredded, 2 leeks, sliced,
and 1 onion finely sliced – peeled and chopped
175g potato, cooked but still firm. Finely slice when cold
100g mushrooms - sliced
3 tablespoons packet stuffing mix
1 teaspoon mixed herbs
Cup of breadcrumbs – preferably wholemeal
250ml vegetable stock
Freshly ground black pepper
Lightly cook the vegetables in water with a vegetable stock cube.
Strain the vegetables but reserve the vegetable stock and measure out 250ml.
Place half the chopped vegetables at the bottom of a medium-sized ovenproof dish. Sprinkle with half the stuffing mix, half the mixed herbs and sprinkle with black pepper. Place another layer of cooked vegetables, the remaining stuffing mix, the herbs and with more black pepper.
Now place the sliced mushrooms over the last layer followed by the sliced potatoes. Carefully pour over almost all of the vegetable stock so that it moistens the contents of the dish. Finally, sprinkle over the wholemeal breadcrumbs and carefully pour the remaining stock over. Add freshly ground black pepper.

Bake in a preheated moderate oven (180 degrees C, 350 degrees F, Gas Mark 4) for 20 minutes until piping hot. Alternatively, cook in a microwave on medium for 7 minutes and place under a hot grill for 5 minutes to crisp the top.

For more recipes click here to visit the website

Did you know...


It’s worth checking out these fruits and vegetables as they offer great ‘calorie-value’ and are brilliant for filling up your plate or providing a healthy low-cal snack:


Mushrooms - 25 calories for 115g so ideal chopped into a stir-fry or onto a salad.

Raw beetroot - 41 calories for 115g. Grated raw beetroot tastes fab in salads.

Fresh Beansprouts - 37 calories for 115g. Strain the water from cooked rice and stir in the beansprouts. Pour over boiling water to quickly warm the beansprouts and then strain again.

Strawberries – 31 calories per 115g. Great for a healthy snack.

Raspberries – 29 calories per 115g. Perfect for a dessert with a little yogurt.

We hope you have a fabulous week and stay fit and safe!

With love and best wishes,
Rosemary Conley CBE DL


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