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Hello <<First Name>>  Rosemary Conley CBE

Thank you for your lovely comments regarding our website. We love hearing from you and I enjoy answering your Ask Rosemary questions. Many haven't been published on the website because they are very specific to the person involved but so far either myself or a member of my team has been able to provide an answer by email or telephone to every single question that has been sent in. 

Today we have made some changes to the layout of the website as some of the sections were getting a bit crowded with more and more videos being added. We have created separate sections for Food & Nutrition (moving it out of "Health") and for Motivation. The Exercise section has been subdivided into Warm-up for Exercise, Aerobic Exercises, Strength & Toning Exercises and Seated Exercises. This should make it easier for you to quickly find the kind of work-out you are looking for, and don't forget you can always use the Search facility which appears at the bottom of every page to quickly search the whole site to find whatever you are after. Just try typing in a word like "chicken" or "warm-up" and it shows everything relevant to that word/phrase. 

Health - Orthopaedic Surgery

I so looking forward to filming next week with an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr. Maneesh Bhatia. Mr Bhatia specialises in foot and ankle surgery and has performed two very successful operations on my foot.  Mr. Bhatia will be explaining the intricacies of foot surgery and what can be achieved. My operation in 2019 changed my life and I want to give hope to others who are suffering with acute arthritis.

This week’s focus: How to achieve a flatter stomach.

Poor posture & good posture
Part of the problem of a protruding stomach can be poor posture but it can also be a result of our body naturally storing more fat and losing muscle tone as we age. 

But there is good news. Our abdominal muscles are still there and we need to strengthen them by regularly doing tummy exercises combined with some strength work for our back as our front and back muscles work as a team. Most abdominal exercises are done lying down on the floor but if you find that difficult, we suggest lying on your bed to do them. 

Of course, weight plays a part too so losing a few lbs will certainly help reduce the fat around your abdomen. If we want to make a difference, we need to approach the mission as a three-pronged attack:
  • Waist and tummy toning
  • Shoulder and back strengthening
  • Watching our weight.
As we age, sadly no matter what we weigh, our tummy seems determined to be bigger than it used to be!
Weekly Fitness Challenge

This Week’s Challenge: Achieve a Flatter Stomach
  1. Walk for 30 minutes every day. 
    This will put around 4000 steps onto your pedometer or FitBit as well as boosting your mental and physical wellbeing. But as you walk this week, I would like you to really focus on your posture and pull your tummy in, shoulders back and down and make the effort to straighten up. It works wonders on our abs. You can still lower your eyes to look down at the ground to avoid any obstacles without dropping your head forward.
  2. Workout for Abs, Back and Shoulders.
    Whether you have been progressing through the Immunity Plan Workout or whether you are just looking for a great workout for your tummy, waist, shoulders and back go to Mary’s Week 3 of the Immunity Plan Workout. (On the 28-Day Immunity Plan Exercise page) Repeat 3-4 times during this week. (If you find this too challenging, try the Week 2 programme.)
  3. Workout for Posture.
    For your posture, do the Pole workout (on the Strength & Toning Page) 3-4 times a week if you can, and also watch the video Why, medically, posture is so important where I interview physiotherapist JD Hylton. It is fascinating.
  4. Losing Weight.
    If you want to lose a few lbs take a look at The 28-Day Immunity Plan as the healthy eating advice will help you lose weight. My video How to Lose Weight (on the Motivation to Lose Weight page) also explains how we can speed up our rate of weight loss.

Food and Nutrition

I hope you are enjoying the cookery demonstrations of some of my immunity-boosting recipes. This week we have uploaded Crunchy Pepper Salad and Cheat’s Chilli con Carne. They are both so easy to make, high in nutrition whilst keeping the calories under control.

Did You Know?

1. Peppers contain even more Vitamin C than citrus fruit?

2. Walking 2000 steps is equal to walking a mile. 

3. We burn a similar number of calories whether we walk or run a mile. We burn around 100 calories walking a mile and burn only 15-20 more calories if we run the same distance. The key is that we achieve the calorie spend in half the time if we run! [These figures are approximate as our calorie burn depends on gender, weight and age but the principle remains the same]

4. Sultanas are the highest calorie fruit at 316 calories per 115g whilst rhubarb yields only 8 calories per 115g

5. If you chop a banana in two in its skin, it won’t discolour and it stays fresh.
Enjoy the sunshine this weekend. Why not take the opportunity to go for a walk and feed your soul with the beautiful Spring blossom and sprouting leaves on the trees. It is such a joy to walk amongst nature and boost our sense of wellbeing, as well as getting some exercise!

Have a wonderful week.

With love,
Rosemary Conley CBE DL


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