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As we launch this Newsletter in the midst of all the wonderful celebrations to commemorate the Queen’s extraordinary Platinum Jubilee, I thought we would pause to consider what an utterly magnificent monarch we have had the privilege to know and love in our lifetime.

Our Queen’s steadfast dedication to her country above all else has earned her the respect of the nation and now, being able to celebrate her extraordinary life together, is just wonderful. Whether it is street parties, concerts, garden parties or fundraising events created around the Jubilee, it creates a happy and celebratory environment. It must make the Queen feel so happy to feel the love of her people and to see them enjoying themselves.

I wonder, how on earth has she managed to stay so fit for so long?

First of all, she has never stopped working. As we get older it is very tempting to think we will take it easy and retire as soon as possible, but we all need a reason to get up in the morning. If we have nothing to look forward to each day, no time pressures, no goals, our mental and our physical health will suffer. I think we can all learn from the Queen’s example, if you want to stay fit and healthy - keep busy!

Let’s look at how active the Queen might be. The royal houses and palaces are vast and just walking around them must be exhausting. Can you imagine how many steps would be clocked up meeting with staff, taking the Corgis out for their walk, welcoming endless visitors and dignitaries in various state rooms, and heaven knows what else! I bet the Queen doesn’t have to worry about reaching 10,000 steps a day!

Despite walking miles, we all know that we need to keep our muscles strong. Well, there are no worries there either for the Queen. Her life-long passion for riding will have kept her body strong all over. Leg strength plays an essential part if you are to ‘instruct’ your horse with all your leg muscles including your glutes (your seat) otherwise the horse won’t move. That in turn involves your stomach and posture muscles and even getting onto a horse takes strength and balance.

The most wonderful thing about a life-long passion for an activity is that your muscles build up their strength which is well maintained by constant and continuous activity. The Queen has never stopped riding so she will naturally still be strong.

The greatest joy of this whole celebration is seeing the Queen look so radiant and happy as we celebrate her extraordinary 70-year reign.

God bless you, Your Majesty!

Recipe of the Week

Diana's Sweet Potato Salad

1 or 2 sweet potatoes, peeled
1 tsp white wine vinegar
A pinch of salt
A pinch of sugar
A good sprinkling of dried coriander leaf

Coarsely grate the sweet potato and place in a bowl.
Add the white wine vinegar, salt and sugar and mix well.
Add the dried coriander leaf and mix well.
Keep chilled until served.
Home-made Coleslaw

1 x large carrot peeled and grated
1 x red onion, peeled and chopped small
¼ x white cabbage, shredded
1 x courgette, grated

For the dressing:
2 tablespoons Heinz Salad Cream
200g 0% fat Live Yogurt
Freshly Ground Black Pepper - to taste

Mix the salad cream and the live yogurt in a small bowl.
Place the grated carrot, courgette, chopped onion and shredded cabbage in a large bowl and mix well.
Add freshly ground black pepper
Stir in the dressing and mix thoroughly. Keep refrigerated and use within two days.

Carrot & Sultana Salad

Raw carrot

Peel and grate fresh carrots and place in a bowl and mix in some sultanas. Keep in a closed container in the refrigerator until ready to serve to enable the sultanas to plump up (allow at least two hours).

Fresh Beetroot and Sultana Salad

Raw beetroot

Peel and grate fresh beetroot and place in a bowl and mix in some sultanas. Keep in a closed plastic container in the refrigerator until ready to serve to enable the sultanas to plump up (allow at least two hours).

Red Kidney Bean and Sweetcorn Salad

Red kidney beans
Canned Sweet Corn

Rinse the contents of a can of red kidney beans in cold water in a colander and drain. Place in a large bowl. Drain the juice from a can of sweetcorn (reserving the juice for use in gravy etc). Mix the sweetcorn and the red kidney beans together and serve in a large bowl.

Don't forget you can easily find more recipes by using the search facility on the website. Just click on the magnifying glass symbol and type "salad" into the search bar or click where it says "Salads and Cold Plates" under any of the salad recipe images to find other recipes with the same tag.

For more recipes click here to visit the website

Fun, Facts & Fitness from Mary Morris MSc.

I have never imagined that Her Majesty the Queen would have had to go down the road of engaging a Personal Trainer to keep her in tip-top condition. However, I will admit to thinking she might have done so in the last few years, since she entered into the category of being 'elderly'. Perhaps, more recently, there was someone around who was encouraging her to do 'Sit to Stand' and 'Wall Press-ups' in the same way this Newsletter encourages you to do every week!  

I thought this because I have always been amazed to see her clearly quite nimble and agile, when most folks of a similar age quite simply are not. She has appeared to get into and out of a car and step up and down a considerable number of steps without the aid of others, and often still with a heel on her shoes!

So, it was quite a revelation for me to discover that she does not do 'formal' exercise at all! Biographer Ingrid Stewart declares that the Queen believes only in 'sensible' exercise.  It has never been her 'thing' to don a leotard and leg-warmers and dance around her ballroom to Abba's Dancing Queen!  But this is a woman who has an inexhaustible energy and stamina and who is blessed with a very determined character.  I cannot imagine her sitting for long periods of time doing nothing! And I believe that these character traits have a significant impact on a long and healthy life.

Here is what our Queen does plenty of:

  • She walks every day with her dogs, probably not just to stay fit but also to help her mental health...those royal duties must be exceedingly demanding.
  • She rides her horses, which is a demanding sport that requires agility and strength. Her 'core' is taken care of, she will have strong thighs and her posture is retained. (Quite a feat for anyone in their 90s!)
  • She lives in a big house and, although she no doubt doesn't have to clean it, it must mean she does more walking than the average person to get from room to room!
  • She is still performing royal duties so her mind is being challenged every day.

This got me thinking about the enormous value of what we call our ADLs (Activities of Daily Life). This is what the Queen does lots of every single day and it proves that they alone can have an enormously beneficial effect on our overall health and fitness.

It has been shown that those who lead an active life can expend similar amounts of energy every day as those who follow a 'formal' fitness programme.  Sadly, our modern sedentary lifestyles force many of us to take up an exercise programme to cover the shortfall in our ADLs in order for us to achieve a good level of fitness to be healthy. However, some of you who read this every week may be retired or close to retirement and may now have plenty of opportunity and time to do a mix of formal exercise and plenty of ADLs!

Now I know that more recently the Queen has been taking life more gently.  This quite simply reinforces that statement that she believes in 'sensible' exercise.  We should all take a leaf out of her book in that we do what is right and appropriate for the age we are and how able we are.  In recent months her mobility has been mentioned, which is unsurprising all things considered, and therefore adaptations need to be considered and that shows she is following a 'sensible' approach to her royal duties.

This is a hugely important year for our Queen and my admiration for her knows no bounds.  Let us try to emulate her in our own way.  Keep moving... a lot... every single day, whilst enjoying life and living it to the full!

This Week's Fitness Challenge

  1. Up your ADLs this week.  Recognise what your Activities in Daily Life are - such as gardening, dog walking or playing a round of golf or other sport.
  2.  Make it a rule to move every 30 minutes or so, even if it is just a walk up and down stairs, a roll of the shoulders or a quick walk around the garden.  It all counts!
  3.  Keep your step count at a level that we all know keeps us healthy and helps us live longer.  Between 7,500 and 10,000 every day this week. Your daily 30+ minute walk goes a long way to achieving this goal combined with your ADLs.
  4.  Do something different this week.  The better weather might see you out on a bike or playing a game of tennis. Alternatively, try something different from our website, perhaps a Ballet or Pilates programme or a Back Workout, Pelvic Floor Workout or exercises with a Toning Band from our Strength and Toning Exercises or Ageing Well Exercises pages.
Did you know...

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of HM Queen Elizabeth II and while she is known to consider Windsor Castle as her "home" it is probably the place where she has spent the most time over the years of her reign.  

The front of the palace measures 355 feet (108m) across, by 390 feet (120m) deep, by 80 feet (24m) high and contains over 830,000 square feet (77,000 m2) of floorspace. There are 775 rooms, including 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, 52 principal bedrooms, and 19 state rooms. It also has a post office, cinema, swimming pool, doctor's surgery, and jeweller's workshop.

At the rear of the palace is the large, park-like garden which, together with its lake, is the largest private garden in London. It covers 42 acres and includes a helicopter landing area, a lake, and a tennis court.

Buckingham Palace State Rooms are open to the public in the summer from 25th July until 2nd October 2022. Find out more.

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And finally...

This week has been truly momentous. Our Dance for the Queen event was a huge success with a massive crowd watching the remarkable performances from everyone involved. It was truly magical. There was utter joy in the hearts of the performers as well as the spectators. Truly, a momentous Platinum Jubilee celebration. I hope you will enjoy the fun and laughter over the coming days wherever you are, and be inspired by our wonderful Queen Elizabeth II.

With love and best wishes,

Rosemary Conley CBE DL


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