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May 2012
$100 Startup By Chris Guillebeau

You can start

It's easier than you think: Chris Guillebeau makes a living doing what he loves and he found hundreds of other people doing the same. He shares their stories and his strategy to start a business with little cash and big dreams to build the life you want. I review the book on this episode of the Books For A Better You Show.
Fix your inbox

Fix your inbox

You hate email: You also love it but most days you can't handle it. You can get control of your inbox! If you're tired of hating email and want to get to inbox ZERO on a regular basis then take a few minutes to tell me how I can help you get your email under control. Click here and help will be there soon!
How do I start a podcast?

Want to podcast?

Podcasting is easy: The technology is inexpensive, iTunes is on 100,000,000 devices and you probably have something worth saying. So why don't you have a podcast? Oh, you want to do a podcast?!?  OK, I can help. Click on the icon with the headphones on above this, answer four questions and you'll be a lot closer to having your own show.

I'm building a product that will train you how to do more than start a podcast. It will teach you how to get great guests, save money on equipment, create workflows to save you time and get your message out into the world with ease.

New Show!

Learn about great books in less than 10 minutes on our brand new show.
Books For A Better You Show
April of 2012 we had our 100,000th download. Thanks for listening! 

Mike Hyatt attacked

My friend Michael Hyatt released his book Platform this week: I came to his defense on and wrote about it here. It involved an angry German and 25+ tribe members. Click on Mike to read the whole story.

Where is your voice?

What are the keys to finding your creative voice? I think there are seven keys but there are probably more. This is a constant struggle for creaives. I wrote about some of them in a recent post. Check it out HERE or click on the picture above to read all seven.
Blogworld 2012


June 5-7: I've been invited by my great friend Cliff Ravenscraft to speak at BlogWorld 2012 in New York City. You can find out more about my talk and blogworld by clicking on the Blogworld image above. 
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