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There's a lot changing in my business so thanks for reading this pretty lengthy newsletter...

The world is different

We live in an incredible time.  A woman from our church in Sioux Falls recently moved to Africa to run a health clinic there.  Last week I posted a picture on Facebook of our local farmers market.  My friend in Africa commented within an hour that the market she went to that morning had looked a bit different.  From Sioux Falls to Africa with a few key strokes. Amazing.  Communication is easier and cheaper than ever.  Because content is cheaper than ever attention is the new currency.  

It's been a very humbling year for me and the content that I've been creating.  My passion for creating audio content has grown as the number of downloads has increased. I started creating audio content over a year ago on Business Tech Weekly. After getting permission from the author (Seth Godin) I created a podcast about being a Linchpin.  That show has been downloaded more than 39,000 times.  

Work is not a four letter word

The word "work" often carries a negative connotation.  For the past two years of owning my own business I have been on the hunt for finding the work that I love.  It's concept I first learned about from a book written by my friend Dan Miller.  I believe I've found the work that I love and that's why you're getting this update.  Books like Anything You Want, Poke the Box and Do The Work have inspired me to take permission and start my own media network.  It's called Take Permission Media Network and we create encouraging and empowering content that changes the world.

The new model

TPMN includes shows that I produce;  Be A Better Husband Podcast, Linchpin Podcast, Restaurant Social Media Show, Natural Childbirth Stories.  It also includes shows that I don't produce, like The Better Business Leadership Show (coming this month).  That show is an example of a content partner.  They invest to be a part of TPMN and we make creating their shows a breeze.  If you've always wanted to create your own show then you can find out more on our partners page.  

It doesn't cost anything, seriously

You can get all of TPMN's content for free at or by looking for our shows on iTunes.  We'll never charge for our shows because we believe free ideas spread better than ones with a price tag.  If you want to support the ideas we share then you can become a TPMN family member by donating on a monthly basis.  There are some perks to being part of the family by the way.
Whether you are a past client or just a fan of the content I've produced over the past two years thank you for you support.  I'm very, very excited to start a new chapter and focus on creating great content that will change the world.  If you or your business want to learn more about how you can create great content then I'd love to work with you.  
Andy Traub
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