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Apple is now showcasing Devialet PHANTOM <> - the best-sounding audiophile wireless speaker solution in the world (as described by reviews in Wired and many other outlets) - in Apple Stores throughout the U.S.

If you've never heard a Devialet PHANTOM - now is your opportunity to be awed by truly perfect audio - zero distortion coupled to a maximum power of 3000 watts! :)

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Apple Selects Acclaimed Phantom Implosive Speaker To Launch In Apple Stores
PHANTOM Is A Unique Wireless Speaker, Incorporating Up To 3000 Watts Of Analog & Digital Technologies, PHANTOM Emits Ultra-Dense Sound With Physical Impact, No Saturation, No Distortion, No Background Noise;
Development Involved $25M, 88 Patents And 10 Years Of R&D
December 8, 2015 – Paris – Devialet® – the leader in developing state-of-the-art audio solutions for the most discerning listeners – today announced that Apple® will sell and showcase the PHANTOM™ Implosive Sound Center across Apple Stores™ in 2016. To kickoff the Holiday Season, PHANTOMs will be immediately available in 13 Apple Stores across the United States, including New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Awarded “Best of CES” from Wired®, Rolling Stone® and USA Today® and the recipient of dozens of outstanding reviews, the 3000-watt PHANTOM is a compact and beautiful spherical component incorporating 10 years of R&D (with a $25M budget) and 88 patents. From sub-bass at 16hz to ultra-sharp treble at 25Khz, PHANTOM creates the ultimate sound with zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise through unique Devialet-created technology.
Offering power, precision and unmatched musicality, PHANTOM is the first sub-$2000 sound center that is totally wireless (WiFi and Stereo Bluetooth™) and replaces all other audio components to provide a physical and emotional sound experience like no other. Entertainment brand evangelists including Kanye West, Karl Lagerfeld,, and others have already been moved by PHANTOM’s perfect sound, as have tech luminaries such as Marc Benioff and Andy Rubin.
"Working with Apple has been a long-held dream of Devialet since the company’s inception," explains CEO Quentin Sannié. "Like Apple, our products share the same level of category re-invention, premium quality and the acclaim of consumers worldwide, all fueled by a high degree of investment: $25M and 10 years of R&D just for PHANTOM."
Backed by top French entrepreneurs, including Bernard Arnault (the founder of luxury conglomerate LVMH®), Devialet has raised $65M since its founding in 2007. Thanks to its unique technologies, protected by 88 patents and acclaimed by 53 worldwide awards, Devialet is now the acknowledged leader in high-end audio through its range of amplifiers, Devialet Expert ($6,000-$40,000). PHANTOM is Devialet's first premium audio product geared towards discerning, more budget-conscious audiophiles as well as mainstream consumers demanding exceptional sound quality.
How PHANTOM Achieves Perfect Sound:
At the heart of PHANTOM is Devialet’s own technology platform, known as ADH Intelligence®, combining the refinement of Analog
(or Class A) amplification with the power of Digital (or Class D) amplification. The company’s SAM Processing® technology is then used to control the speakers to perfection, reproducing the exact acoustic pressure recorded by the microphone.
Together, these innovations deliver Heart Bass Implosion® or HBI®, which consists of two Devialet-exclusive high-excursion bass drivers moving in perfect symmetry. This creates a sound that has an actual physical impact and a density never before achieved.  
PHANTOM is available today from participating Apple Stores and Devialet –
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