Not quite restarting my newsletter.
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You are awesome!
I mean that, and that is why I wanted to make the doodle below for you.  It just seemed like a nice way to start this humble stumble of a restart to our email conversation.

You are awesome!

Stumbling forward with a marker in my hand.

Confession #1: 
It has been a long time since I've sent out a newsletter.

Confession #2:
I still haven't decided what my new "normal" newsletter is going to be like, so this is not quite a restart. At least not yet.

Confession #3:
I am very grateful for your patience while I sort this stuff out.

You see, over the last couple of years I've been refinding a part of me that was hiding somewhere behind a file cabinet.  It was the artist part of me. The part that used to make 90 foot long abstract paintings, and quirky, winsome cartoons to amuse my girlfriend. That part had been shoved away in storage to make room for a few more suits and ties in my closet.

It's not that I don't like to wear a suit once in a while, but I like to wear jeans and crocs too.  And I had spent a lot of time lecturing on personal branding, telling people how important it was to to appreciate and promote your differentiators - I guess I finally started taking my own lecture to heart and couldn't hide the artist in me, the goofy doodler, any longer.  

And if I can share with you something else: the wellspring of both my artwork and what I have called brand therapy is a firm belief in the importance of being authentic to your own personal motivators, embracing your own strengths and finding joy in what you do.  

And some doodles...
Last but not least I wanted to share some drawings with you that I hope will brighten your day.  Just click the link below for a pdf with 10 doodles I've selected for you and please feel free to share the pdf with anyone who makes you feel like wagging too.

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