It's always nice to see you!
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The unexpected guest, made welcome.
The unexpected guest, made welcome.

Just a doodle for you!

I hope you don't mind, but from time to time I'm going to send a doodle to you lovely people that I don't share anywhere else.  Just a little unexpected visitor, knocking on your door to bring you a smile.  

Not much else to say today, but I hope that no matter where you are, whether it is snowbound Connecticut or steamy New Zealand, that you're having a nice weekend and enjoying the companionship of good friends and family. Tea service is optional. :)


fabeku raps about doodles to noodle

Are you game for something
strange and wonderful?

I want to make some drawings for you, but not just any drawings, these are Doodles to Noodle - personalized doodle magic that visually express the awesome adventurer inside you.  

Be a beacon everybody! Keep on shining!

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