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Can you hear that sizzle?
I'm cooking up a new set of principles in the Equation Arts kitchen.
Here is a doodle to give you a hint.
The beacon bacon kitchen

Shine the bacon beacon!
(with apologies to my vegan, vegetarian, halal, and kosher observing friends)

It just goes to show you, for all the time and thought one puts into making a name there is always going to be some angle that you don't anticipate. For example, sometimes, and it happens more often than you might think, people misread the name of my podcast, "The Be A Beacon Show", as "The Be A Bacon Show", but you know what? I'm perfectly fine with that. You might find this surprising since you're such a careful reader and beacons and bacon are such different things...or are they
Beacons send out an easily identified beam of light that shines through the darkness or a recognizable signal that cuts through the background static. But what does bacon do? Well, when cooking, bacon unleashes an unmistakably distinct aroma - powerful enough to pierce the veil of sleep, waking you from your slumbers to entice and guide you straight to the kitchen with unerring precision.  A beacon promises a way home, a way to safety, a signal you can trust with confidence. Bacon's sizzle evokes memories of home and promises a treat that you can confidently trust to be tasty and satisfying every time.
See? Beacons and bacon aren't so different after all.
So that's got me thinking...
If you've followed my work at all, I'm sure you've heard me mention The Beacon Principles, which are Difference, Context and Focus. Perhaps the day has come to create the Bacon Principles? Well, let's take a crack at it anyway.

The Bacon Principles

Make a little noise - attract a little attention. It's a noisy world and to get noticed you might even need to make a spatter or two. But more than that, make an identifiable noise - not many things sound like sizzling bacon. If people recognize your noise, and welcome it, you're on your way to creating a positive (and sticky) impression. Oh, and by the way, you're never going to get any sizzle if you don't light fire under your seat, er I mean your skillet.
Smell good
Not just good, irresistibly good, bacon good - I think you can take this a couple of ways:
1st) Make sure your offering smells like something your audience wants. The aroma of bacon is even more identifying than the sound of it cooking and we associate that smell with yum, yum, yumminess. When we smell that smell it is a direct beam to the salty goodness of bacon. This connection between the smell and the experience is absolutely clear. When you smell bacon cooking there is no ambiguity, no confusion about what you're going to get or why you would want it. Can you make your offerings that crisp?
2nd) Smelling good also means don't smell bad. Don't make your audience uncomfortable or uncertain. Avoid things in your marketing that make your fans wrinkle their noses with confusion or doubt. Be sure to deliver what you promise, build your reputation on great execution, or you might just be a stinker.
Be Crisp and Chewy
Your message should be crisp and easy to understand, but your offering should give 'em something to savor.  Eating bacon is a memorable experience that hits on multiple sensory levels - don't offer one-note experiences, give 'em something they can chew on.
Taste like bacon!
You bacon maniacs out there know what I'm talking about. When the sizzle and smell make the promise, the taste had better deliver. If you want to build a strong brand, cultivate a tribe, and create a great reputation, then you better focus on consistent execution.  Bacon delivers the yum every time - do you?
Got another principle that should be added to this list? Another salty insight derived from my favorite front-and-center side dish? If so, send me a comment or an email and serve me up a rasher of your wisdom!

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Be a BACON beacon everybody! Keep on sizzling and shining!

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