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Good teeth and new mediocre suits: a divorce or a Congressional campaign? "A Republican running for Congress who says government must rein in its spending spent more than $5,000 in campaign money on teeth whitening, clothes from Men's Wearhouse, equipment from a gun shop and shirts for his church's teen-abstinence event, The Arizona Republic has found."

Campaign Finance/Elections

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer gave a speech at Georgetown yesterday: "Today, I’m going to lay out proposals in four major areas to get government working again: campaign finance reform, voting rights, redistricting reform, and government technology."

Iowa Gov. Terry Brandstad isn't so keen on voting rights restorations for ex-felons, but he's all for giving them their gun rights back more easily.

Former Congressman Jim Leach: Citizens United "is doing enormous damage to the American political process and it's moving us in an oligarchic corporatist direction when we should be moving to a more democratic direction. And by 'more democratic,' I don't mean anything related to a party--I mean, we need to have a system in which the average American knows they play a part. And today, we have a system in which many Americans feel they're being manipulated."

The Nation: Democrats Unite on Voting Rights
"Against this disturbing backdrop, this year's Democratic platform includes the party's strongest language ever on voting rights.


AP: To Democrats, must-see TV is Trump mocking disabled reporter
The top TV ad from Team Clinton? The one about Trump mocking a disabled reporter: " They've appeared some 7,200 times in 10 states across the country, with the heaviest concentration in the always-hard-fought presidential battlegrounds of Florida and Ohio, an analysis from Kantar Media's campaign advertising tracker shows."

OpenSecrets: One “Dinner with Donald” contest leads to another — and one for Hillary, too
LOL at this fine print on the PAC offering dinner with Donald Trump: "According to Hawes, American Horizons plans to make the prize possible by purchasing seats at a fundraising dinner that is organized and sponsored by 'a state committee or state Republican Party' and promises that Trump will be in attendance." Assistant to the regional manager.

Chicago Tribune: Trump expected to collect $1 million at Chicago campaign fundraiser
And Clinton will be there on Wednesday: "A week before accepting the Republican presidential nomination in Cleveland, businessman Donald Trump comes to Chicago on Tuesday to collect more than $1 million in campaign fundraising help. "

Here's the woman who won the Clinton contest to go to the Hamilton fundraiser tonight.

Huffington Post: Corporate Lobbyist Jumps Into Senate Race To Replace Retiring Lobbyist
This take on Evan Bayh saying hello to the Indiana Senate race: " A Democratic corporate lobbyist is jumping into a Senate race to fill a seat made vacant by the retirement of a Republican corporate lobbyist."

In a new poll of college-educated likely voters from Bloomberg, "43 percent were deeply troubled when presented with this statement: 'Critics say that Clinton is totally controlled by Wall Street—they have paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches, and she'll do what they say if she becomes president.'"

Philly Inquirer: All about that Democratic convention donor list you're not supposed to see yet
The law doesn't require disclosure until 60 days AFTER the convention: "The Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee, committed to raising more than $60 million to host the Democrats' convention, says it won't disclose that information until after the July 25-28 event.

CNBC: Days from GOP convention, #nevertrump movement still raising 'dark money'
Co-founder of Free the Delegates: " "I can't tell you who is funding us."

In its endorsement of Clinton yesterday, CWA noted, "She supports the call to get big money out of politics."

Daily Beast: VP Wannabe Newt Gingrich Still $4.6 Million in Debt
"According to the latest FEC filings, Gingrich’s official campaign committee, still has $4.63 million dollars in unpaid bills."

Washington Post: Liberal group asks IRS to investigate Trump’s purchase of a Tim Tebow-signed helmet with money meant for charity
"A watchdog group with ties to Democrats has asked the IRS to investigate Donald Trump's charitable foundation over a report that Trump used money meant for charity to buy a football helmet signed by former NFL star Tim Tebow."

San Diego Union Tribune: Scott Peters and Congressional Pals Swap Donations
"San Diego Rep. Scott Peters and his family have been involved in a series of donation exchanges with the families of other congressional candidates, apparently legal trade-offs that allowed more money to flow to each campaign than might be allowed under contribution limits."

BNA: Super PAC Spending Becoming More Bipartisan
"Groups simultaneously funding Republican and Democratic super political action committees are becoming increasingly common, a Bloomberg BNA analysis of Federal Election Commission reports has found."

Ann Kirkpatrick matched John McCain in fundraising last quarter, but she's got less money in the bank. Pat Toomey outraised Kate McGinty but neither released cash on hand.

USA Today: Pharma trade group helps fund patient fight against Medicare project
"Groups that advocate for patients' and doctors' interests are working in near lockstep with the big pharmaceutical companies that fund the groups to fight a proposed Medicare rule that could affect the companies' bottom lines, documents and interviews show."


Facing South: The charity behind politically charged ads touting N.C.'s anti-LGBT law
A look at a 501c3 running ads in North Carolina attacking AG Roy Cooper, who's in a compettiive race for governor.

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