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The Center for Responsive Politics reports on the DNC leaks: "Email exchanges involving top officials at theDemocratic National Committee released along with private documents by WikiLeaks show that DNC officials hoped to reward top donors and insiders with appointments to federal boards and commissions in coordination with the White House." MapLight, ABC.

Campaign Finance/Elections

Center for Public Integrity: Report: FEC leaders, managers share blame for horrid morale
"Bickering commissioners, ineffective managers and lousy internal communication rank among the top reasons why the Federal Election Commission staff is one of the federal government's most bedraggled."

End Citizens United: Kaine an opponent of Citizens United and champion of campaign finance reform
Statement from End Citizens United on Tim Kaine: "He has sided with Virginians against the special interests and understands that the only way we’ll truly restore the voice of everyday Americans in our democracy is to reverse Citizens United."

Slate: The Ghosts of Shelby County
Dahlia Lithwick on Shelby: "But Sanders neglected to mention one of the other worst Supreme Court decisions in the history of the country—one with tangible implications for the November elections and one that has gotten far less attention than his much-loathed Citizens United. It has had as much to do with disenfranchising America’s have-nots as the campaign finance case. It’s the case that made voting an uphill battle again."

Letter to the editor in Denver: "We need a campaign finance system where winning the money race and having broad constituent support are the same thing. The best solution is a small-donor matching program, which incentivizes candidates to focus on small contributions by matching those donations with public funds."

Free Speech for People: FSFP Wins First Vote In Proposed St. Petersburg Ordinance To End Super PACs & Foreign Influenced Spending in Elections
"Last night, on Thursday 21, 2016, the St. Petersburg City Council voted 6-1 to move forward for consideration our proposed ordinance to abolish super PACs and ban foreign corporate money in local elections."


Politico: George Soros rises again
George Soros, who "scaled back his political giving after a then-unprecedented $27 million spending spree to try to defeat George Bush in 2004, has quietly reemerged as a leading funder of Democratic politics — and as a leading bogeyman of conservatives."

Vox: Americans trust Donald Trump to take on the “special interests.” They shouldn’t
Missed this last week: "But my conclusion is ultimately pretty simple: No, Trump wouldn’t do more to help reduce the role of big money in politics. And he’d actually probably make things a good deal worse."

OpenSecrets: Corporate interests funding convention festivities, if not the main events
CRP is at the DNC and reports from some of the parties. And more!

The Center for Public Integrity went to the ballpark and hit up some other events.

Washington Post: Despite calls of ‘Bernie or Bust,’ Sanders goes all in to help Clinton
"As he has wound down his presidential campaign, Sanders has begun to build new organizations and plan for a possible power move if Democrats regain the Senate. He has officially launched Our Revolution, a 501(c)(4) 'social welfare' group to build support for liberal policies."

Politico: Democratic National Committee staffers vented about high-maintenance donors
"The thousands of hacked emails often appear without context, and are written under the expectation that no one other than the recipient would ever see them. Still, they offer a rare look at the sometime dreary task of coddling and cajoling benefactors into opening their wallets."

In his speech at the convention last night, Howard Dean said of Mike Pence (and that weird "smoking doesn't kill" oped): "Also cigarettes. I hear Governor Pence missed the memo, but they do in fact cause cancer and no amount of tobacco company contributions can change that, Governor."

Miami Herald: Trump protesters unveil “Wall of Shame” outside Doral fundraiser
Trump's Florida fundraiser had protesters outside.

Indy Star: Pence back on for ALEC's annual meeting in Indianapolis
"Pence is scheduled to speak Friday at the American Legislative Exchange Council's annual meeting. The governor had been scheduled to speak Wednesday, but withdrew to campaign for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Pence, the vice presidential nominee, on Tuesday rescheduled his appearance for Friday."

Bloomberg: Sanders Outlines a Plan to Help Clinton, Fundraising Not Included
"Sanders also said he doesn't expect to raise money for Clinton, either through his new successor organization, Our Revolution, or through other means. He cited her own fundraising power and a need for him to support down-ballot candidates through his vast list of donor e-mail addresses."

Time: Lobbyists Celebrate Democratic Party’s New Embrace at Convention
LOL at "out of the proverbial closet." "Podesta is just one of a legion of lobbyists coming out of the proverbial closet this convention, free to raise money, support candidates and be proud of it for the first time in nearly a decade. For many influence brokers, the distinction is an important one."

The Hill: Koch network super-PAC launches first ad buy in Indiana
"A top Koch network group is launching a seven-figure ad buy in the Indiana Senate race, targeting Democrat Evan Bayh for his votes for the Wall Street bailout."

Politico: Cruz, advisers collide over high-stakes GOP primary
Cruz Drama: "Two of the pillars of Cruz’s political operation, the consulting firms Axiom Strategies and Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research, have helped steer a super PAC that is spending heavily to defeat Huelskamp, a member of the conservative, Cruz-friendly House Freedom Caucus — even though Jeff Roe, Cruz’s former campaign manager and Axiom’s top strategist, had previously pledged that he and his firm wouldn’t oppose Huelskamp."


Journal-Gazette: 'Complications' on Pence money
"As a late entry into the governor’s race, Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb had counted on – even bragged about – the financial support he would receive from Gov. Mike Pence. But federal campaign finance rules are putting that support in jeopardy as it appears a large chunk of Pence’s $7.5 million war chest is not in play."

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