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On Saturday, the platform committee of the DNC held a public hearing in Phoenix on the need to strengthen our democracy. Speakers encouraged the committee to adopt bold, comprehensive money-in-politics and voting rights reforms.

Every Voice's David Donnelly: "The conversation we have in this country about money in politics too often makes everyday people feel that it has nothing to do with them and the solutions are distant. But winning solutions has everything to do with them and people are beginning to organize and mobilize for change."

Other speakers included Brennan Center's Michael Waldman, Democracy Initiative's Wendy Fields, Public Citizen's Rob Weissman, Rev. William Barber, Democracy 21's Fred Wertheimer, political consultant former state House Democratic leader John Loredo, and lots of other really smart people.

In addition to these testimonies, last week we and our partners sent letters to both the DNC and RNC urging them to adopt the Fight Big Money agenda as part of their platforms.

Campaign Finance/Elections

Bangor Daily News: Clean Elections was a big winner in Maine’s primaries
Good news after last year's ballot initiative victory: candidates participating in the Clean Elections system winning 73 percent of primaries. "Maine’s newly-revamped system of public campaign financing was successful in a wide range of contests across the state on Tuesday, with a majority of Clean Elections candidates winning in primary races where they were matched against privately-financed opponents."

Newsday: Gov. Cuomo, legislative leaders reach deal on ethics package
Gov. Cuomo and lawmakers agreed to an ethics package that doesn't include closing the LLC loophole, small-donor public financing, or dealing with outside income. Common Cause's Susan Lerner: "Nothing in this bill touches either the legislators’ or executive’s behavior. It touches on someone else."

Center for Public Integrity: South Carolina Legislature passes ethics reform
"After a slow, four-year march toward ethics reform, the South Carolina General Assembly late Wednesday adopted two bills requiring lawmakers to disclose sources of independent income and also creating an independent investigation commission to oversee lawmaker conduct."

FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub is hosting a forum this Thursday on "corporate political spending and foreign influence," with a great set of speakers.

Washington Post: The GOP Congress is unfairly targeting the IRS
Yup: "Having turned what could have been a wholly reasonable investigation of IRS carelessness into a partisan scandal hunt, the most concrete result from their inquiries may end up being a gratuitous attack on a longtime public servant."

Washington Post: Congressional Black Caucus balks at two political reforms being pitched by Bernie Sanders
The Congressional Black Caucus sent a letter opposing more open primaries and getting rid of superdelegates:

Washington Post: The Stop Act is a smokescreen
Rep. Gerry Connolly is not impressed with Rep. David Jolly's Stop Act: " The Stop Act is cynical and designed to distract from the monstrous distortion of Citizens United and the need for overturning it and the 'dark money' it allows. This bill doesn’t prescribe the truest and easiest fix our democracy demands: public financing and disclosure. That’s why we should call out this Trojan horse."

CNN: Gyrocopter man's last hours of freedom
Godspeed, Doug: "The Florida man who pleaded guilty to a felony after landing a gyrocopter on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol last year began serving his 120-day sentence in a Florida prison on Tuesday. He granted CNN exclusive interviews during his final hours of freedom. "


When Trump puts out his statement today on the yuge amount of money he raised last month, ask when his campaign will release bundler information.

Politico: Clinton to hold fundraiser with House and Senate Democrats
Tomorrow in DC: "Hillary Clinton will hold a fundraiser with the entire House and Senate Democratic leadership next week, the first event of its kind for the presumptive Democratic nominee." Chicago on Friday.

NBC: Donald Trump threatens to self-fund campaign if GOP support wavers
Which building will he sell so he can afford it? "Donald Trump on Saturday claimed most of the money he's been collecting at his recent fundraisers is going to the Republican Party, but also threatened to cut the GOP off if support from the party wavers."

Politico: Wall Street donors seek to block Warren VP pick
Ha: "Big Wall Street donors have a message for Hillary Clinton: Keep Elizabeth Warren off the ticket or risk losing millions of dollars in contributions." TBT to this 2011 Politico headline: "Wall Street readies assault on Warren."

Roll Call: House GOP to Jolly: We're Not Sure We Want You Back
A couple months ago, Rep. David Jolly and the RNCC went back and forth in a heated argument about Jolly's interview with 60 Minutes about party fundraising and now that he has decided to run for re-election to the House, "some fellow Republicans are instead making plain that they’re not eager to help their colleague return to the House."

Washington Post: Anti-Trump delegates raising money for staff and a legal defense fund
This will go over well: "Supporters of a growing anti-Donald Trump movement announced plans Sunday to raise money for staff and a possible legal defense fund as they asked new recruits to help spread the word with less than a month until the Republican National Convention." CNN. Also, Fred Hiatt basically says the GOP should bribe Trump into dropping out. Can you legally pay someone to leave a race?

CNN: GOP donors rattled by Trump
Evergreen headline here on this story on Trump falling behind the money chase and worries from big donors, and note this: "throughout the months-long campaign, person after person at Trump rallies would rattle off Trump's contention that he wasn't beholden to special interests as one of his most appealing aspects." Trump, whose finance chair made his money on Wall Street, criticized Clinton's Wall Street money this weekend.

New York Times: Donald Trump’s June Stumbles Mirror Those of Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney spent $38 million in June 2012: "Mr. Trump is off the air in terms of paid advertising. He has not aired a single ad since he became the presumptive Republican nominee on May 3. The Republican National Committee is not on the air helping him, and neither are any super PACs to any surgical degree." On the need for ads.

Washington Post: IRS complaint: Liberal group alleges that Trump’s foundation, political campaign are entwined
"Donald Trump has violated federal tax law by turning his charitable foundation into 'a political tool' and trumpeting its donations to veterans' groups during his campaign events, a liberal group alleged Friday in a complaint to the Internal Revenue Service."

Politico: Charles Koch gives $3 million to boost GOP — but not Trump
Charles Koch's big donation to a Senate GOP super PAC is interesting but not this: "after one of the brothers' top aides, Mark Holden, met this week at the campaign’s Manhattan headquarters with Trump, his campaign manager and other officials." That meeting was days after Trump declared, " I don't want or need their money or support."

Apple will sit out the Republican convention, "citing Donald Trump’s controversial comments about women, immigrants and minorities."

Buzzfeed: Trump Fans Aren’t Upset He’s Raising From Big Donors Now
Some of Trump's die-hard fans aren't sweating his new fundraising.

CNN: Trump campaign: We're facing an emergency goal of $100,000
"The Donald Trump campaign on Saturday released its first 'emergency' fund-raising email, in response to an ad blitz from the Hillary Clinton campaign."

Palm Beach Post: The gun violence debate, influence of money in politics
Rev. Matt Crebbin from Newtown, CT has this op-ed: "The functions of a representative government should not be clouded by a disproportionate role of money in elections."

News-Leader: Blunt packs D.C. schedule with fundraisers
In Missouri, Roy Blunt and Jason Kander are arguing about each other's DC fundraisers. And some analysis of where the two get their money.

OpenSecrets: Group that backed Tom Cotton in ’14 got a big boost from Club for Growth
"But somewhere near the top of his 'thank you' list should have been those who were running a handful of shadowy groups in North Carolina, Kentucky and Arkansas that spent millions of dollars to help Republicans in tight races without disclosing who was funding them."

Daily News: Donald Trump for sale: He claims that politicans who take money are puppets, but Hillary Clinton is ready to regulate Wall Street
Editorial in New York takes on this Wall Street stuff: "After attempting to tie finance-industry cinder blocks to Clinton’s ankles, Trump is ever more aggressively chasing huge sums from the biggest of big-money players."

Seattle Times: Obama to be in Seattle for 2 private fundraisers next week
"President Obama will headline two private political fundraisers and stay overnight during a Seattle visit next Friday."


Texas' efforts to keep people from voting has been very expensive.

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