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In his speech last night, Donald Trump said, "Big business, elite media and major donors are lining up behind the campaign of my opponent because they know she will keep our rigged system in place. They are throwing money at her because they have total control over everything she does. She is their puppet, and they pull the strings."

He said our political system "has sold out to some corporate lobbyist for cash."

That came just hours after the Washington Post reported his reversal on super PACs was complete--he and Mike Pence have agreed to headline fundraisers for the outside groups: "Such a nod amounts to a dramatic change in position for Trump, who made disdain of big-money politics a central part of his pitch during the primary contest, railing against super PACs that can accept unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations. He called them horrible and corrupting." Wall Street Journal.

Trump has yet to offer any policies to address the power of big money he criticizes and the platform his party released this week would only make the problem worse.

Oh, and: @chucktodd: Ex RNC counsel Ben Ginsberg says Barrack is first ever SuperPAC head to address a convention. Ginsberg adds it's legal

Common Cause's Karen Hobert Flynn: "It’s time for Donald Trump and his party to offer real solutions – like those included in the Fighting Big Money Agenda released last year by Common Cause and a dozen other leading reform organizations -- instead of just complaining about the problem.' Bernie Sanders weighed in on SCOTUS. Mother Jones.

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American Prospect: Plotting the End of Super PACs
On Free Speech for People's great work: "More than six years after the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, the free-spending super PACs that many progressives consider a blight on American democracy are the target of a multi-pronged campaign to put them out of business." Local coverage of the super PAC ordinance in St. Petersburg. More.

Slate: The Voting Rights Act Might Get Some Teeth Back
Rick Hasen has this piece on the Texas voting rights decision this week: "But there is potentially much better news buried within the eight separate opinions of the 203-page ruling, which comes from one of the most conservative courts in the nation. There you’ll find a road map for returning Texas’ voting rules to the supervision of the federal government."

BNA: FEC Clears Adelson of Foreign-Money Allegations
"The Federal Election Commission found 'no reason to believe' allegations that billionaire Sheldon Adelson, chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corp. and a major Republican donor, funneled illegal foreign contributions into U.S. election campaigns."

Austin Chronicle: Austin Campaign Contribution Limits Upheld
"In a ruling issued today by U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel, Austin’s $350 campaign contribution limits were upheld, but the judge overturned the six-month limit on fundraising, and the requirement that elected officials return or release funds in excess of $20,000."


Philly Inquirer: DNC on track to be the most expensive Democratic convention ever for private donors everz
Ready for Philly? A new report from US PIRG: "Private and corporate donors will contribute an estimated $67.2 million to fund next week's Democratic National Convention, putting it 'on track to be the most expensive Democratic convention ever in terms of private fundraising.'"

Bloomberg: Guest List Offers a Glimpse of the Money Behind Donald Trump
"The guest lists for six suites at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week, obtained by Bloomberg News, offer a peek into the VIP access enjoyed by the party's most important financiers. Ensconced in some of the most spacious perches in the convention hall, they can mingle with elected officials like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Florida Governor Rick Scott." Some of his financial supporters make their case for why they are giving. The Hill talks with some of the party's big donors. Also they had chocolate-covered Oreos.

Center for Public Integrity: For special interests, the real party is outside the convention
"During the convention, dozens of organizations have sponsored such events, all with an interest in gaining access to lawmakers and political power brokers."

Huffington Post: Corporations Less Prominent At Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention
"Thanks to Trump’s open attacks on Latinos, women, Muslims and Black Lives Matter activists, among many others, the convention has drawn protests from activist groups calling for a corporate boycott. It appears to be working."

CNN: Donald Trump super PACs battle in Cleveland
"The battle for supremacy among super PACs backing Donald Trump is intensifying as rival groups -- almost all of which have struggled to collect top dollars -- are making last-ditch pitches to the party's moneyed elite before they split town."

American Prospect: Trump to Political Pros: You’re Fired
"Trump has challenged the very notion that politics is serious business that demands professional knowhow. If anything, his resistance to expertise has fueled his success, not hampered it."

Politico: Trump taunts GOP in private donor meeting
LOL: "Just hours before accepting the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, Donald Trump taunted his party on Thursday, ripping into his rivals and joking that, had he run as an independent, he could have defeated the GOP."

Washington Post: Trump campaign says it raised $3.5 million in one day
Trump's campaign says he raised $3.5M in a 24-hour period: "Some digital fundraising experts noted that the one-day haul, while impressive, was still just a little more than half of the $6.4 million that Sen. Bernie Sanders raised in a 24-hour period after his New Hampshire Democratic primary win."

NBC: Democratic PAC Files FEC Complaint Over Melania Trump's RNC Speech
"A Democratic super PAC has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission charging that the Trump campaign broke federal election law by using his corporation to advance his presidential campaign."

Fortune: Facebook and Google Are Big Winners As Political Ad Money Moves Online
"Digital ad spending took a big leap in Election 2016, and Facebook and Google are the winners."

AP: Pro-Trump super PACs leave Cleveland with fatter wallets
"Super PAC side meetings during the Republican National Convention have yielded millions of dollars in financial commitments, their leaders said, although some of the wealthiest and best-known donors remain uncomfortable with a presidential nominee whom they call divisive and light on policies."

OpenSecrets: Just three of 68 RNC primetime speakers donated to Trump (and Cruz wasn’t one of them)
"FEC records identify just 3 of the 68 primetime speakers (excluding Trump) as having made contributions to Donald Trump’s campaign, joint fundraising committees, or major super PACs in the 2016 cycle as of June 30, which includes the latest data available."

LA Times: A fundraising email for Trump was sent out an hour before his speech
Ha: "The Trump campaign appeared to hit 'send' too early on a mass fundraising email."


Courier-Journal: Humana co-founder bankrolls GOP super PAC
More like Kentuckian for Strong Leadership am I right? "Retired Humana co-founder David Jones Sr. has bankrolled a super PAC dedicated to supporting Republicans in Kentucky House races this fall with a $250,000 contribution."

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