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In their endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president today, the Washington Post editorial board stated among other things that Donald Trump has shown himself to be "contemptuous of democracy" and "would pose a grave danger to the nation and the world." 

Campaign Finance/Elections

MLive: Secretive funds allow Michigan lawmakers to accept corporate cash
A new report finds there could be many more of these stories: "Exactly 100 days after the state Senate signed off on millions of dollars in tax breaks for data centers, the company seeking the change gave $10,000 to an account that helps pay Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof's expenses."

The Guardian: As long as we have Citizens United, the polluters are going to be in charge of our country
Robert F Kennedy Jr: "As long as we have Citizens United, the polluters are going to be in charge of our country. And that's going to happen every time we try and do something good for our children, or something sustainable. Our assets are going to be liquidated and turned into profit by the big shots who own our government. So we need to get right of Citizens United or nothing else works."

Moyers & Co: Talking Democracy with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
Here's one nugget from this interview with Whitehouse on campaign finance reform:  "I see all sorts of opportunities for progress. As I see powerful public support and victory coming, the analogy I always use is a New England wintertime: The snow piles on your roof, snowflake by snowflake, storm by storm, but when it comes of in the spring, it comes off with a big woosh. In this case, I feel victory is tantalizingly close."

Check out this new ITPI report on how private prison companies are buying influence and expanding their control of America's criminal justice system.

Mother Jones: Facebook's voter registration push pays off in a big way
Good! "Thanks largely to Facebook, states such as California, Minnesota, and Indiana saw record online voter registrations in September, election officials say. The influx came after the social network displayed a voter registration reminder for four days at the top of the newsfeeds of voting-age users, with a link leading to state registration sites."

Capitol Hill Times: SEEC sending out Seattle Democracy Vouchers in January
In Seattle,
the new form of small-donor public financing approved by voters last November to reduce the power of money in local politics and give everyday people a bigger say will go into effect in 2017. Voters are set to recieve their four $25 Democracy Vouchers in January which they can use to support candidates of their choice. Voters have the chance to approve a similar program for Washington State this November.


Reuters: Trump's missing donors - the people who work for him
"Only a dozen of an estimated 22,450 people employed at Trump's companies have donated more than $200 to the celebrity businessman's bid for the U.S. presidency"

One of the topics for the final presidential debate will be the Supreme Court. Will we hear more from Trump and Clinton about Citizens United?

Washingtonian: The Race Between Clinton and Trump Looks Like a Third-World Election
Republican pollster Whit Ayres "says Trump’s threat to jail Clinton was a 'clear link' to despotic behavior."

Donald Trump released an ad attacking Clinton over allegations of pay-to-play politics and corruption. Every Voice's David Donnelly comments: "Americans concerned about the integrity of our political system have only one serious candidate in this race who has pledged to strengthen our broken democracy if elected and that’s Hillary Clinton."

Politico: Clinton-backing super PAC signals confidence in Colorado
"Priorities USA Action, the main super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton, has axed its final two weeks of television ad reservations leading up to Election Day in Colorado, reflecting Democratic confidence that the party's nominee will win the traditional battleground"

Washington Post: Labor unions and Tom Steyer to spend $60 million to mobilize progressive voters for presidential and down-ballot races
"For Our Future, a progressive super PAC, has raised $60 million to continue work toward its goal of mobilizing 9.5 million African American, Latino and millennial voters in several battleground states before Election Day."

Huffington Post: Senator Tight With Special Interests Traveled The World On Their Dime
"A review of travel records from various sources finds that Burr racked up more than $100,000 in trips for himself and often his wife all around the United States and the world. From 1996 through 2002, Burr, who was then a member of the House of Representatives, accepted four or five special interest-funded trips per year."

Sen. Tom Udall is holding a roundtable on campaign finance reform tonight in Santa Fe with Common Cause New Mexico.


The Center for Public Integrity: National groups spar over South Dakota ballot measure
"Come Nov. 8, South Dakotans will be asked to vote on a measure that would reshape all things political by initiating public financing of campaigns, expanding disclosure of political donors and creating an ethics commission to police legislators’ behavior." In support you have Represent.US among other groups, and in opposition you have Americans for Prosperity.

St Cloud Times: Outside money pours into local campaigns
In case you were wondering if big money in politics is only a national problem.

Chicago Tribune: Pro-Rauner group's 'Madigan' movie illustrates influx of big money into Illinois politics
A new movie from a political conservative group critical of Illinois House Speaker and Democratic Party Chairman Michael Madigan shows that, as David Yepsen of Southern Illinois University puts it, "We're awash in money in politics, now even more so in the wake of Citizens United. There's only so much you can do on TV so this money is going to find other ways to do things"

The Miscellany News: Gipson promotes campaign finance reform, engages students
At an event organized by Democracy Matters at Vassar college, New York State Senate candidate Terry Gipson talked to students about the need for campaign finance reform: "The campaign finance system in place suppresses the common individual from running for office; they just can’t afford to. Lots of good people are in office doing good things but struggle because they find this brick wall in front of them.”

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