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Donald Trump declared he has escaped the "shackles" of the Republican Party while raising money from donors in Dallas for the Republican Party (and himself). The Texas fundraising swing in Dallas and San Antonio is thought to have raised millions of dollars for Trump and the Republican Party with tickets costing between $2,700 and $446,500.

According to a tape acquired by the Texas Tribune Trump said to the gathered donors in San Antonio: "Sometimes it's harder to beat our own party than it is to beat the person on the other side"

And in case it isn't obvious already, Paul Blumenthal of the Huffington Post reports, "No, Donald Trump Isn’t Self-Funding His Campaign". Trump lied at the debate Sunday: "Overall, Trump’s official campaign has reported $83.1 million in receipts from June to August ― the latter month being the most recently disclosed to the Federal Election Commission. His own contributions account for just 7 percent of the total."

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New York Times: Coke and Pepsi Give Millions to Public Health, Then Lobby Against It
"The beverage giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have given millions of dollars to nearly 100 prominent health groups in recent years, while simultaneously spending millions to defeat public health legislation that would reduce Americans' soda intake, according to public health researchers."

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse while in Texas raised questions about Rep. Lamar Smith’s opposition to probes into ExxonMobil Corp. while taking money from Exxon.

Sen. Jeff Merkley talked to Vox about why he fought against the SEC rider that will allow corporations to not have to disclose their campaign contributions--and why it's worth fighting to reduce the power of big money in politics.

Politico: The Playbook Interview: Barry Diller
Billionaire IAC chairman Barry Diller was asked about money in politics: "The financial system supporting elections is beyond – it’s almost beyond repair … If we’re not wise enough to fix the cycle, if we’re not wise enough to stop this money-grubbing [and] all of its consequences, horrible consequences, then we deserve what we get."


NBC: Major GOP Donors Are Asking Trump for Their Money Back
"Two big-money donors who have given or raised tens of thousands of dollars for Donald Trump are livid at the Republican presidential nominee and are asking for their money back, according to a bundler who raised money for Trump."

Wall Street Journal: Trump Renews Warning About ‘Stolen’ Election
More dangerous rhetoric from Trump: "Donald Trump is stepping up warnings about 'rigged' elections as he trails in polls and faces a mutiny in his own party. At two rallies Monday in Pennsylvania, the Republican presidential nominee told thousands of supporters the election could be 'stolen from us.'"

Mother Jones: New Records Suggest Donald Trump Misled the Public About His Income
An example of how FEC financial disclosure filings aren't all that great: "There is no telling from this form what Trump truly made as income. But documents he filed overseas indicate there could be a great discrepancy between what he claimed at the debate and what he banked."

Bloomberg: Billionaires Wage Door-to-Door Battle for Votes in Nevada
"George Soros bought some Cheez-Its in Las Vegas last week. Across town, Charles Koch paid for a stack of iPads. Tom Steyer hired somebody to dance, dressed as a polar bear. With the U.S. presidency and control of the Senate in the balance, these billionaires are deploying their own political armies to swing states across the country and supplying them with everything from cutting-edge voter data to salty snacks."

Politico: Chelsea flagged 'serious concerns' about Clinton Foundation conflicts
"Chelsea Clinton flagged 'serious concerns' about her father’s closest aides trying to cash in by using the former president’s name to gain access to government officials on behalf of paying clients, according to hacked emails released this week."

Former President George W. Bush attended at least two fundraisers in North Carolina yesterday in support of Sen. Richard Burr.

One host of a Hillary Clinton fundraiser, businessman Ted Leonsis, talked to the Washington Post about why he's hosting a DC fundraiser with tickets costing as much as $25,000 a head.

Daily Beast: Did Citizens United Prey On the Elderly?
The group Citizens United stands to raise large sums of cash, win or lose for Trump, by preying on hate against Clinton in their fundraising. "And it has a history of sending out mailers that raise serious ethical questions—and that may prey on senior citizens with dementia and Alzheimer’s." And don't forget the group's leader David Bossie is now a Trump campaign aide.

CBS in Philadelphia looks into how super PACs fueled by big donors continue to have an increasing role in our politics.

WUSF: Crist, Jolly Square Off On Campaign Finance Reform
Can't escape the issue on the campaign trail! Rep. David Jolly (Fl.-13) and his challenger Charlie Crist debated over who would do more to reduce the power of money in our politics with Democrat Crist arguing for overturning Citizens United and Republican Jolly arguing for banning members of Congress from fundraising and creating tax credits for small donations.


MapLight: Individuals Spend Big in Initiative Battles
"Typically, large organizations like corporations, unions and political parties are responsible for the largest contributions in political campaigns; individuals generally contribute less. In the 2016 election cycle in California, however, a few individuals are making a huge financial impact."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Messenger: Why is mega-donor investing in Missouri AG candidate? Check the court records.
A large share of Missouri attorney general candidate Josh Hawley came from mega-donor David Humphreys while he happens to have a class action lawsuit pending before the court.

Arizona Republic: Utility-regulator candidates debate 'dark money,' conflicts of interest
"Five candidates vying for three seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission spent nearly half of their hourlong debate Tuesday in Phoenix arguing about "dark money" and the $3.2 million Arizona Public Service Co. is believed to have spent on the 2014 commission races"

Sightline: Following the Money in Washington State Elections, Part 1
Exactly why passing the Washington Government Accountability Act, I-1464, is a good thing:  In Washington State legislative race in 2012 and 2014, Sightline "found that PACs, corporations, unions, and other special interest organizations provide the bulk of winning candidates’ war chests"

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