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Don't miss this from Buzzfeed: this Georgia woman always makes time to get people to the polls on Election Day and now she might end up in prison because of it.

And Paul Blumenthal's lat est analysis for HuffPost: "Total super PAC contributions from donors giving $500,000 or more now tops $1 billion ― about 15 percent of the estimated $6.6 billion cost of this year's federal elections, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. That's much higher than in 2012, when $500,000-plus donors had given $444 million at this point in the campaign."

Campaign Finance/Election

Baltimore Sun: Vote 'yes' on Howard County's Question A
Rep. John Sarbanes has this op-ed in support of the Howard County ballot question that would allow the county council to create a small-donor program: "A 'Yes' vote on Question A will strengthen the national movement to build new systems of funding campaigns that put everyday citizens back in charge." 

Courthouse News Service: Californians Get Their Say on 'Citizens United' in Non-Binding Initiative
On California's initiative: "Seeking to spark a national referendum on campaign contributions, Proposition 59 supporters want California's congressional delegation to pursue a potential constitutional amendment to the high court's contentious 2010 Citizens United ruling."

PR News: Kochs Battle Dark Money Disclosure in South Dakota
On the initiative in South Dakota: "The Kochs are bankrolling the group working to defeat the initiative." Trickle-Up Democracy: State and Local Ballots Give Voters A Say
Francis Moore Lappe and Adam Eichen on all the other democracy initiatives on the ballot next week.

This story focuses on Richard Burr's weird guns comment, but don't miss him saying he'll side with Cruz in blocking any Clinton SCOTUS nominee.

Daily Beast: Right-Wing Group Citizens United Again May Have Tried to Trick the Elderly Into Giving It Cash
Citizens United continues to be a class act: "Just one hiccup: Spann says he has never talked to anyone from Citizens United, ever—much the less promised to give them twenty bucks."

Mother Jones: Democrats Are Asking a Court to Stop Trump From Intimidating Voters
"Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Stop the Steal Inc., an organization founded by former Trump adviser and GOP trickster Roger Stone, were sued Sunday by the Ohio Democratic Party for "conspiring to threaten, intimidate, and thereby prevent minority voters in urban neighborhoods from voting in the 2016 election."


BNA: Main Congressional Super PACs Raise $228 Million
"Super political action committees closely linked to Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress have raised a total of $228 million from big contributors, companies, unions and others giving up to $40 million each to help battle for control of the House and Senate."

BNA: Nonprofits With Secret Donors Spend Millions in Key Senate Races
"Nonprofits that keep donors secret but are closely linked to Democratic and Republican Senate leaders have spent more than $10 million on television, radio and mail ads in key races that may determine control of the Senate, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission."

OpenSecrets: Hillary Clinton, senatorial candidates among politicians returning donations from Thornton Law
Following the Globe/CRP investigation this weekend: "Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh on Monday joined a growing number of politicians vowing to return thousands of dollars in donations from the controversial Thornton Law Firm. Meanwhile, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) promised to give her contributions back if investigators find they're illegal."

Fox News says Sheldon Adelson is giving millions more to a Trump super PAC, just after Trump praised him this weekend while holding an event at his hotel.

Washington Post: Donald Trump is refusing to pay his campaign pollster three-quarters of a million dollars
"The Trump campaign's latest Federal Election Commission report shows that it is disputing nearly $767,000 that Fabrizio's firm says it is still owed for polling." NYT. Related: "Donald Trump’s Entities, Family Rank High as Vendors to Campaign."

Bernie Sanders responded to David Koch's (recycled) Halloween costume.

Center for Public Integrity: Pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC accepted illegal contributions
A lot of confusion over what c3s can do this year, huh? "Pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Correct the Record accepted $250,000 in illegal contributions from a charity backed by a Boston-based construction firm already in trouble this year for its political donations."

Daily Beast: White Nationalist’s Pro-Trump Robocall: Evan McMullin Is Gay
Things are weird out there, folks: "Prominent white nationalist William Johnson, an ardent supporter of Donald Trump’s campaign who was previously listed as a California delegate for the Republican National Convention, has paid for a new robocall targeting #NeverTrump independent candidate Evan McMullin in Utah."

New York Times: ‘Super PAC’ Bolsters Ads to Aid Clinton in 3 Battleground States
"The biggest 'super PAC' in the presidential race is opening up a last-minute burst of advertising on Hillary Clinton's behalf, seeking to bolster her in three hotly contested states as she fends off renewed questions about her private email server."

Politico: Podesta paid $7,000 a month by top donor
"Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta last year signed a $7,000-a-month contract with the foundation of a major Clinton donor who made a fortune selling a type of mortgage that some critics say contributed to the housing collapse, hacked emails show."

CNN: Evan Bayh's private schedule details ties with donors, lobbyists
If Evan Bayh loses after all these stories about his ties to lobbyists and big donors, will Mitch McConnell finally concede voters care about the issue?

Huffington Post: It’s All But Official: Donald Trump Won’t Release His Tax Returns
He also failed to release his bundlers, like Mitt Romney: "The writing has been on the wall for months now, but Sunday seemed to make it official: Donald Trump will become the first presidential nominee since Gerald Ford to not release his tax returns during the campaign."

Daily Orange: Reflecting national trend, Syracuse University faculty and staff donate more often to Democrats
Syracuse alum Dave Levinthal wanted me to include this story: "Faculty, staff and administrators have donated overwhelmingly more often to Democratic politicians rather than Republican politicians over the last four election cycles, a review of Federal Election Commission data revealed."

CNN: Trump transition team fundraises with Christie email
"The team planning a potential Donald Trump administration is raising money with emails to voters -- an unusual tactic for a group that has largely relied on big donors and Washington insiders for financing to date."

Politico: Hatch backers hit up K Street for 'Orrin Hatch Foundation' funds
"Allies of GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch have launched a multimillion-dollar fundraising campaign to build a center honoring the chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee — and they've begun hitting up Utah-based donors, K Street lobbyists and major corporations, according to sources familiar with the efforts."

Politico: House Democrats' campaign arm to pour $1 million into ad blitz targeting millennials, minorities
"With a week to go in the election, the House Democrats' campaign arm is rolling out a new $1 million digital ad blitz Tuesday specifically aimed at millennial and minority voters in nearly two dozen districts across the country that are open or currently held by Republicans."

Washington Post: Lobbying Alcoa's new spinoff Arconic taps ex-Cornyn chief of staff as lobbyist
"Aluminum giant Alcoa’s spinoff into two companies is slated to take effect Tuesday — and the new spinoff, Arconic, already has a Washington lobbyist. Arconic has tapped Russ Thomasson, former chief of staff to Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Tex.), to serve as the company’s first hired gun on K Street.'

Washington Post: Akin Gump hires former McConnell chief of staff in boost to firm’s Senate Republican bench
Hunter Bates: "K Street heavy hitter Akin Gump has hired two veteran GOP lobbyists — including a former chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — in a boost to the firm’s Republican lobbying roster."


LA Times: Politicians and activists demand answers on mystery donations tied to 'Sea Breeze' developer
"Two Los Angeles-area elected officials and several neighborhood activists called Sunday for an investigation into campaign donations made by people with ties to a developer who secured City Hall approval for a controversial 352-unit apartment complex last year."

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