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Donald Trump started his day yesterday with a speech at the American Legion, where he said, "Government access and favors will no longer be for sale." Yet, with no policy proposals for how he'll fix our "rigged" elections, many reports Thursday contradict his words:

  • As we reported yesterday in the clips, the Washington Post had a big story on Trump seeking and using advice from his big donors.
  • In this great story about the state of Trump's campaign, Politico reported that Trump donors are teasing policy influence to secure donations: "Doug Deason, the son of Texas billionaire Darwin Deason, tried to persuade Charles Koch to have a meeting with the nominee. In an interview, Deason recalled telling Koch that he could influence Trump’s policies."
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that his VP, Mike Pence, will attend a fundraiser with a bunch of Washington lobbyists. In February, Trump said of the ads attacking him in the primary: "These are special interests, folks. These are lobbyists. These are people that don’t necessarily love our country."
  • He announced that the former head of Citizens United, of Citizens United v. FEC, would be his deputy campaign mananger. Immediately before, David Bossie was leading a Trump-aligned super PAC, where he was recruited by Kellyanne Conway, Trump's current campaign manager.
  • It was revealed that his donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi--timed coincidentally with her investigation into whether she should investigate Trump University--broke IRS rules and he was required to pay a $2,500 penalty.

Campaign Finance/Elections

The debate over foreign contributions in Australia is a little spicier than here.

The Hill: Vigilant companies can avert Watergate scandal replay
Karl Sandstrom and Bruce Freed with Center for Political Accountability have this op-ed: "During a banner election season for big spending and so-called 'dark money,' companies and their directors face threats from spending political money similar to those connected to the Watergate complex break-in. Today’s business leaders must deliberately confront the modern-day risks, not consign them to the history books."

The FEC has implemented a new policy that will involve more disclosure of agency documents.

Center for Public Integrity: Federal Election Commission questions existence of 'God'
Are you there, God? It's me, the FEC: "Anyone criticizing the Federal Election Commission as toothless must now reckon with this: Today, the agency took on God and Satan — plus nearly 250 other officially registered presidential candidates it believes are bogus."

FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub responded: "The @FEC has no opinion on the existence of God. But if she wants to run for U.S. President, she has to fill out her forms like anyone else."

NBC: Analysis: Voting Rights Hang in the Balance This November
Zack Roth: Wednesday's Supreme Court deadlock over NC voting rules "made clearer than ever that the future of voting rights in America will likely be determined by the court's ninth justice—and therefore by the winner of the presidential election." Come here Zack talk about this and his new book with Every Voice's Rahna Epting on September 13th at Busboys and Poets.


Huffington Post: Hillary Clinton Raised A Massive $143 Million In August
That is a lot of money: "According to the campaign, the three Clinton committees started September with $152 million cash on hand. This includes $68 million for the official Clinton campaign committee and $84 million parked in the two joint fundraising committees." NYT, Washington Post.

OpenSecrets: Surprise, surprise: Clinton has outraised Trump in all 50 states
What a weird cycle: "In fact, Hillary Clinton's campaign committee and the outside groups supporting her have outraised Donald Trump and his allied groups in all 50 states and the District of Columbia."

CNN: Pro-Trump super PAC led by Rick Scott struggles post-Manafort departure
Gov. Rick Scott even had to make his own contribution to it: "The super PAC once envisioned to be the main advertising force behind Donald Trump is sputtering into the fall, beset by a pang of concern ever since Trump's campaign chief departed and as key donors spurn the group's appeals for last-minute checks."

OpenSecrets: Super PAC spending hits $500 million, while 501(c)s hit the brakes
"Total outside spending for the 2016 election has already reached a record $660 million, more than twice the $289 million spent by outside groups by this point in the 2012 election."

Examiner: Savannah Guthrie: Trump meets with foreign leader while Clinton 'scooping up cash'
"Donald Trump's trip to Mexico City this week likely makes him look more presidential than Hillary Clinton, who has spent most of the week fundraising, NBC News' Savannah Guthrie said Thursday in an interview with Tim Kaine."

Miami Herald: Miami billionaire, a big Bush donor, endorses Clinton
"Republican Mike Fernandez, a Miami billionaire, formally endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president Thursday, as he promised to do last year if Donald Trump became the GOP nominee."

Politico: Ryan wraps up August fundraising tour
"Paul Ryan has wrapped up his monthlong, 12-state fundraising swing, barnstorming the country raising money for vulnerable House members and GOP candidates at 17 events."

CNN: Pro-Clinton super PAC reserves $6M in ads aimed at minorities
"Priorities USA, Hillary Clinton's top super PAC, will begin airing $6 million worth of ads targeting Latino and African-American voters."

Sun-Times: Clinton, Kaine, Trump hitting Chicago for fundraising
" Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are hitting Chicago in the coming weeks for major fundraising events in the city, with rival Donald Trump looking for campaign cash in suburban Bolingbrook."

Page Six: Rufus Wainwright to perform at Hillary Clinton LGBT fundraiser
Barbra Streisand will also be there: "Rufus Wainwright will also perform at the Cipriani Wall Street bash on Sept. 9, and Laverne Cox will be a special guest."

Charlotte Observer: US Sen. Richard Burr to get $8.1M ad boost from PAC
"After lagging behind his Democratic opponent in campaign fundraising, U.S. Sen. Richard Burr will make up the difference with help from a national super PAC dedicated to protecting the U.S. Senate’s Republican majority."

CBS News: Can this senator survive the "insider" label?
Worth watching, Burr's opponent Deb Ross is going after him on his STOCK Act vote: "Now, with just ten weeks before the election, Burr’s challenger, Deborah Ross is using that vote to call into question Burr’s judgment and further her argument that he is in Washington merely for himself and special interests.  This is a narrative the Ross Campaign believes will be effective in a year where establishment politicians have already seen a strong backlash from voters across the country."

OpenSecrets: Seat on Energy & Commerce panel helped determine donations to Whitfield
Ed Whitfield will resign his seat early and CRP takes a look at his campaign cash.

It's Friday, so read about a Victorian taxidermy display featuring kittens getting married.


Center for American Progress: Big Business Is Still Dominating State Supreme Courts
"All of this money in judicial elections—and the changes in state law that it has helped bring about—illustrates the need to reform the way America chooses judges."

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