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Good morning! For the first time in our history, Every Voice is making an endorsement in the presidential race, citing Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive plan to give everyday people a bigger voice in our elections and Donald Trump’s dangerous anti-democratic policies and rhetoric.

As our endorsement begins:

“America’s democracy is strongest when it welcomes people of all backgrounds and views, and recognizes the self-worth of every individual and every voice, irrespective of one’s wealth or political connections. It’s degraded when groups of people are singled out and marginalized on the basis of their race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, ability, or religion."

And, specifically:

“Every Voice endorses Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. She has offered the boldest, most comprehensive plan to strengthen our democracy of any major party nominee in recent history, including a call for a small-donor matching system for Congressional and presidential elections. She believes the wealthy and powerful have too much influence in our elections and the rest of us too little, that it is difficult to solve our country’s problems when everyday Americans don’t have a seat at the table. She wants to bring more people into the political process and ensure access to the ballot box.

“Donald Trump’s candidacy represents the opposite. His racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic rhetoric and policies would shut people out and make our elections less reflective of our country’s diversity. He has criticized our campaign finance system, but has offered no policy proposals to address its problems. His dangerous and irresponsible claims of a ‘rigged’ election will undermine faith in our democratic institutions while encouraging voter intimidation at the polls. He has voiced support for restrictive voting measures that courts found intentionally discriminated against African-American communities."

Every Voice's David Donnelly told Huffington Post's Paul Blumenthal that it's not just about policy, but values too: "American democracy is one of inclusion. It is the march towards expanding and broadening the franchise and expanding the role of everyday Americans in the decisions that impact our lives, and his language about religious groups is worse than dog-whistle politics. Outwardly using rhetoric that is racist and xenophobic and misogynistic compels us to say that this is not a leader of American democracy that we want to see have power in the White House. It’s broader than money in politics.”

Campaign Finance/Elections

American Prospect: Republicans Would Rather Impeach Than Disclose
As always, Eliza Newlin Carney has a great piece on House Republicans and their IRS charade: "But obscured in the Tea Party flap is that the IRS is known less for its agressive enforcement than for its well-documented failure to police widespread abuse by politically active tax-exempt groups. Also overlooked is that the IG targeting report also ordered the IRS to clear up its hazy rules regarding nonprofit political activity—something congressional Republicans have now expressly forbidden the agency to do. Conveniently for the GOP, that frees conservative nonprofits to continue shielding the identities of their super-rich donors from public view."

Washington Post: Appeals court to hear challenge to Virginia's voter-identification law
"The shadow of North Carolina’s strict voting rules hung over a federal court hearing Thursday about a Virginia law where lawyers were repeatedly asked whether the state’s requirements are just as bad."

FEC Commissioners Ann Ravel and Ellen Weintraub have sent this letter to the House Administration Committee about foreign money in elections.

AP: Judge: Christine O'Donnell Violated Campaign Finance Laws
"Former GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell and her campaign committee violated federal campaign finance laws by using campaign contributions to pay her rent, a federal judge has ruled."

Issue One: Top Nonprofit Advocate Meredith McGehee Joins Issue One
Congrats to Meredith and Issue One! "Issue One is pleased to announce that leading ethics advocate Meredith McGehee will join Issue One as Chief of Policy, Programs and Strategy on October 3. McGehee will lead Issue One’s advocacy efforts to reinvigorate our democratic system."


The Patriotic Millionaires delivered tens of thousands of signatures from Every Voice, US PIRG, Common Cause, and other groups to Lester Holt yesterday demanding he ask questions at Monday's debate about how candidates will strengthen our democracy.

BNA: Senate Campaign Money Pours Into Leaders' Super PACs
"Campaign money pouring into super political action committees closely linked to Senate Republican and Democratic leaders is expected to finance a high-stakes television advertising battle in the final stretch of important Senate races, the latest campaign finance disclosure reports filed with Federal Election Commission indicated."

Huffington Post: Donald Trump Loves Fast Food. Too Bad It Hasn’t Loved Him Back.
Donald Trump can't stop eating McDonald's but that doesn't mean the fast food industry is supersizing its contributions to him this year.

OpenSecrets: Team Blue routing Team Red in presidential fundraising, unlike 2012
"While the Clinton effort has raised nearly as much as a sitting president running for re-election, the Trump team has raised nearly one-third less than Romney at this point four years ago."

Politico: Trump received $1.6 million from Secret Service
One difference between Trump's campaign and others in Secret Service payments to them: "The difference with Trump is that one of his companies, TAG Air, Inc., owns the plane, so the government is effectively paying him."

The Hill: Lobbyists pulled into Congo’s election strife
This is interesting: "Two law and lobby firms in Washington find themselves in the middle of political unrest unfolding in the Democratic Republic of Congo."

USA Today: Clinton team spends $30 million to target young voters, focused on minorities
"Hillary Clinton's team is rolling out a $30 million digital ad campaign targeting young people and minorities during the final stretch of the campaign."

Daily Beast: Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine
"A Silicon Valley titan is putting money behind an unofficial Donald Trump group dedicated to 'shitposting' and circulating internet memes maligning Hillary Clinton."

Washington Post: Delaney accused Hoeber of illegally coordinating with super PAC
"Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.) charges in a Federal Election Commission complaint that his Republican challenger in Western Maryland's 6th District is illegally coordinating with a super PAC, funded almost exclusively by her husband, that has spent more than $1 million on her campaign."

CNN: Michael Bolton headlines Clinton event as Tim Kaine picks up the fundraising slack
It's Friday, so I will not do a play on words about a Michael Bolton song to get it stuck in your head. "Hillary Clinton has moved away from the donor circuit after an August of nonstop fundraising, ceding that role to her running mate Tim Kaine, who's getting some celebrity help as well."

Washington Post: Doug Boggs, son of trailblazing lobbyist Tommy Boggs, looks to lead another firm to prominence
"Doug and Hale Boggs, sons of the late trailblazing Washington lobbyist Thomas H. Boggs Jr., are back under one roof — sort of."


New York Times: Ex-Cuomo Aides Charged in Federal Corruption Inquiry
Albany, man: "Federal corruption charges were announced on Thursday against two former close aides to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a senior state official and six other people, in a blow to the governor's innermost circle and a repudiation of the way his prized upstate economic development programs were managed." Check out page 63 of the complaint for campaign contribution stuff.

New York Times: Mapping Site Shows Shift in Mayor de Blasio’s Fund-Raising
Interesting new tool from the New York City Campaign Finance Board and with this outcome, one has to assume the matching fund program is playing a role in the incentive to diversify his fundraising base: "Mayor Bill de Blasio's fund-raising this year, as his 2017 re-election bid gets closer, shifted toward smaller contributions from many parts of the city — a sharp contrast to the way he raised money last year."

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