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New out of Miami-Dade County: "When an activist group called Accountable Miami-Dade sent the county 127,000 petitions, each demanding the government reform its campaign-finance laws to help stop public corruption, the county — by law — had 30 days to start counting up the signatures.... today, Accountable Miami-Dade officially upped the ante: The group says it will sue the county to get the petitions counted."

An Accountable Miami-Dade statement via Miami Herald: “The County’s failure to act not only goes against the will of the people, but it’s a failure to comply with county law. The Mayor should be leading the effort to ensure that the voices of over 127,000 voters are heard, not hiding behind others.”

Yesterday, a Twitter town hall discussing An Accountable Miami-Dade was trending in Miami. The New Tropic created this Storify in case you missed it.

Campaign Finance/Elections

Los Angeles: Should it be legal to have a congressional district only one party can win?
"there’s no question who will win most of the state’s 13 House congressional districts in November... That electoral lock may prompt the Supreme Court to take a new look at the old question of whether extreme partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional, denying voters an equal chance to have their voices heard."

The Sentinel: Sarbanes pushes back against public cynicism of government
Rep. John Sarbanes, sponsor of the Government By the People Act, talks about how the presidential race and how money in politics is feeding voter cynicism.

Washington Post: ‘Shadow campaign’ donor and mastermind sentenced to three months behind bars
"Jeffrey E. Thompson, the political donor behind the illegal financing of Vincent C. Gray’s 2010 mayoral bid, was sentenced to three months behind bars"


The Hill: Trump camp apparently soliciting foreign cash despite warnings
"On Sunday, an Australian member of parliament, Terri Butler, emailed The Hill the latest fundraising solicitation she’d received from the Trump campaign."

CNN: Clinton super PAC to temporarily stop airing ads some battleground states
"Hillary Clinton's super PAC won't air any local ads in Virginia, Colorado and Pennsylvania from September 2 to 20, according a Priorities USA spokesman, citing strong poll numbers for Clinton in those states."

Sacramento Bee: California Republican donors largely shun Donald Trump
Sad: "Over the decades, California often has served as an ATM of sorts for Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, providing a reliable source of money for both parties even as the state tends to vote Democratic. Republican candidate Donald Trump, though, has collected a relatively small amount in the state to date." Trump raised $2 million compared to Mitt Romney's $25 million at the same point from CA donors.

Fortune: Donald Trump Received Just Two Donations From Republicans in Congress
$3,292 from congressional campaigns and affilliated PACs is a "historic low" for candidates from either party: "Only Barack Obama, in 2012, received less — but OpenSecrets notes Obama decided not to accept contributions from congressional campaigns or PACs."

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are attending a private fundraiser in Evansville, Indiana where a seat at Trump's table will cost you a cool $250,000. Trump has a fundraiser in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on Aug. 26.

Politico: How We Killed the Tea Party
Confessions from a insider, campaign finance lawyer from Paul Jossey: "The Tea Party movement is pretty much dead now, but it didn’t die a natural death. It was murdered—and it was an inside job" PACs took advantage of grassroots enthusiasm to send endless fundraising emails then "used that money first to enrich themselves and their vendors and then deployed most of the rest to search for more “prospects.”"

At a $10,000-$33,400 ticket fundraiser in Martha's Vineyard, President Obama told attendees, "“If we are not running scared until the day after the election, we are going to be making a grave mistake” 

Politico: Reince Priebus mulling RNC re-election bid
The man in charge of fundraising for the Republican Party "may not have had enough. The longest-serving chairman of the Republican National Committee in history is weighing a return engagement as head of the GOP"

Roll Call: End Citizens United Targets Ayotte and Heck in TV and Digital Ad
"End Citizens United is launching two new ads Tuesday targeting New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Rep. Joe Heck, who is running for the Senate in Nevada."

Times Union: Teachout challenges hedge-funders Singer, Mercer to a debate
"Zephyr Teachout wants to take on the billionaires head-to-head. The Democratic 19th Congressional District candidate, known for her anti-big corporation and pro-public campaign financing rhetoric, on Monday challenged hedge funders Paul Singer and Robert Mercer to a debate as they help fund a super PAC that has helped support Republican John Faso."

New York Times: Their Hair Fell Out. Should the F.D.A. Have the Power to Act?
The distributor of a hair products know to cause itching, rashes and hair lost in adults and childen "is part of a beauty care trade association that has been aggressively lobbying Congress to block the passage of tough new legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration the authority to test ingredients used in cosmetics and issue mandatory recalls for products found to be unsafe.

The Telegraph: The American lobbying industry is completely out of control 
"The battle over GM labelling, which has resulted in a “compromise” that leaves consumers fumbling with their phones in a supermarket aisle, is just another example of the power of commercial lobbyists in Washington. If they can’t block legislation, they are pretty effective at watering it down in the interest of their clients."


NM Political Report: Upcoming ballot initiative will reduce influence of money in politics
In Albuquerque, voters can expect to see something on the ballot about updating the city's public financing program to make it workable again and serve it's purpose of reducing the influence of big money.

New Britain Herald: Disagrees with Beloin-Saavedra's funding stance
Letter to the editor from former state senator Don DeFronzo: "In 2005, many government reformers labored hard to pass legislation and establish the Connecticut Citizens Election Fund, our state’s clean election program, which has been acclaimed nationally as the most comprehensive and effective clean election program in the country. Its success in removing special interest money from our system is well established." On State senate candidate Sharon Beloin–Saavedra's oposition to the program "She clearly has failed to do her homework on this issue."

Beaumont Enterprise: Lawyers finance judicial contests
Why small-donor public financing matters in judicial races: "judges rely heavily on attorneys to bankroll their campaigns."

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