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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Do you remember the Staples back to school commercial from a few years back where the parent was happily rolling through the store on a cart followed by 2 drooping kids while the song, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" played?

While many parents feel that way, those of us with food allergic or Celiac kids often don't.  Whether your child is going to school or daycare for the first time or heading to college, the thought of putting them into another's care is a real source of anxiety.  Luckily, there are many wonderful resources available so this newsletter is dedicated to providing you links to a wide variety of tools to help you get back to school with flying colours.

Alana Elliott
Founder, Libre Naturals


For Schools

If you're looking for resources to provide to your child's school, check out these great tools from Food Allergy Canada (formerly Anaphylaxis Canada) including everything from printable pdfs and posters for teachers to how to create an allergy action plan.

For Parents

Going back to school isn't just about dealing with the school.  It's also about keeping you and your child safe and healthy with everything from what goes into the lunchbox to how to manage anxiety.

Brand Name Safe Food Guide (it's an American site so not all companies may offer the same safe food in Canada but it's a good starting point):

10 School Planning Tips for Parents from Kids with Food Allergies:


Food Anxiety and Tips for Coping from Allergic Living:


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For Students

As your food allergic child gets older, the challenges aren't eliminated, their scope just changes.  Here's a great site for older students from Anaphylaxis Canada called Why Risk It.  Written specifically in language for young adults, the site includes tools such as:  how to read food labels, eating out, high school, travel, college communication, dating with a food allergy and more.

Facebook Nourish Blog by Alana Elliott twitter
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